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A tech savvy, successful primary health care network spreading across rural, semi urban and urban India and giving people general, maternal, child, eye, telemedicine and pathology services.

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Cloud based medical clinic practice software – marketing, booking calendar, medical records and billing. All information available on mobile devices.

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A global clinic and electronic health records system, formally known as HealthKit.

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A small, laptop size device that can assess multiple health parameters, from vital signs to 12 lead ECG and major blood tests.

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Health Union

A web platform that brings together online communities of people experiencing chronic health conditions, in a range of categories including primary care, immunology, oncology and neurodegenerative/genetic conditions.

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Get well network

Digital navigation tools that help Doctors give a connected and seamless experience to patients, as they progress through treatments and recover.

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eClinical Works

Cloud based practice management software for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Services. Clinical documentation, practice management, population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management.

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Dr Chrono

Cloud based medical practice software that runs on any mobile device, collaborates with Apple and allows full clinical documentation on iPhone or iPad.

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Collaborate MD

A cloud based practice management and billing software for Doctors, focusing on getting claims accepted by medical insurers, reducing rejected claims and increasing payment cycle.

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Closed Loop Medicine

The Closed Loop approach integrates continuous patient feedback with prescribed medical regimens, to give more personalised care and ensure effective medical outcomes.

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Clinic to Cloud

A cloud platform for both general practitioners, medical specialists and allied health staff, offering access by desktop and mobile devices, patient engagement and data security.

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Best Practice

An established company selling a range of clinic software for General Practice, Specialties and Allied Health Services.

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A Physician-founded education platform, designed to actively engaging patients and caregivers in the Waiting Room and in their home.

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INCA is short for integrated care. It is a comprehensive shared health record and care planning solution, connecting patients with Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

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Care Cloud

Cloud based Electronic Health Records, practice management software and revenue cycle management. For small, medium and enterprise practices.

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Canvas Medical

Electronic health records for primary care practice, that follow work practice intuitively, allow easy identification of at risk patients and prevent unnecessary data entry. Designed by a data expert for his wife, a primary care doctor.

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Software as a Service out patients and medical practice software. Easy to use electronic health record systems for hospitals and clinics.

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A pre-consultation app for Doctors that captures patients’ presenting symptoms and other relevant information and transforms it into medical notes.

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Turning natural clinician-patient conversation into medical documentation using internet of things and remote scribes.

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A platform where Doctors can easily order digital content for patients, who can then access these content from the provider’s web portal.

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Vantari VR

A virtual reality company focusing on healthcare. Software includes patient consultation, surgical planning and medical education.

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Award winning virtual reality software that allows Doctors to learn, prepare for and be tested on knowledge of surgical procedures.

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Telesofia Medical

A platform that allows health providers to create personalised educational videos for parents, explaining issues like medications, discharges, tests, procedures and ongoing disease management.

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Stratus Video

A large health focused interpreting company, offering teleconferencing, phone and face to face interpreters to 1,900 hospitals across the USA.

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A secure messaging app for medical teams, that allows them to text each other, share multimedia and communicate in teams or as individuals.

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Using artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis of common medical conditions, saving time and money.

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A virtual doctors’ lounge where 800,000+ doctors from 150 countries around the world can anonymously talk about real world medical issues.

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Designed by a Doctor to consolidate all work opportunities on one platform.

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Osso VR

A Virtual Reality surgical training and assessment platform that uses haptic sensors for a ‘hands on’ experience.

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Using artificial intelligence to transform the Doctors voice to medical text, automatically adding appropriate medical codes and formatting notes into whatever templates are required.

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Search for work via profession and skills, check location, wages and start dates then apply direct to hospitals.

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Software designed specifically for medical students wanting to practise their clinical consultation skills by themselves, without fear of judgement by their peers.

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Making hospitals more efficient – resident guide, rounds and after hours apps.

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Level EX

Medical educational games are available by major specialty, apps can be downloaded from Apple or Android store.

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A wide range of educational videos from subject matter experts, working at the leading academic medical centers.

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VR based lessons for junior surgeons, that uses haptic sensors to give a ‘real life’ feeling and feedback on actions taken.

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Discuss cases, expand professional knowledge and earn CME points.

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A platform for health professionals to network and earn accreditation points.

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A platform to help Doctors, clinics and hospitals build and maintain a good online presence.

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India’s largest and the world’s fastest-growing network of physicians.

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A global medical learning platform, with information sorted by medical specialty, major disease and clinical role.

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A huge academic network for Doctors, including clinical cases, drug database and specialty guidelines.

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A network of over 350,000 doctors, helping them discuss difficult cases, get medical updates, read medical news, and browse medical jobs.

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Founded by an anaesthetist, the platform helps match available theaters with qualified staff.

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A platform connecting patients, hospitals and insurers with engaging chatbots on social media platforms.

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Online medical consent platform, with educational material for patients.

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Anatomy, physiology and surgical procedures, customisable for students, lecturers or patients.

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iMedical Apps

Products divided by major specialty, specifically for use by Doctors, peer reviews and ratings available.

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An online platform for Australian and New Zealand doctors to securely connect, exchange ideas and earn free CPD points.