A female co founder with a focus on next generation healthcare technology

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With 12 years experience as a registered nurse

Delia is also a cancer survivor and a champion of the Healthcare Tech startup movement in Australia.

It wasn’t until Delia spent time on the other side of the hospital bed, as a patient, during her cancer treatment, that she realised there was something deeply disturbing going on behind closed doors within the Australian healthcare industry.

After her medical complaints and suggestions for reform were dismissed, she decided to dedicate her time to starting a movement – bringing greater transparency and education to the public about Australia’s dated, and secretive health industry.

And so, Wikihospitals was born. With inspiration drawn from other ‘wiki’ community sites, Wikihospitals doesn’t just deliver content. It’s a community where patients and Healthcare Tech startups can connect with one another, and access research, industry news and information.

Wikihospitals is also a platform for people to share their story, whether it be through a negative experience as a patient through the system, or a business that can offer more advanced and affordable healthcare solutions but can’t get fair break through the red tap of the bureaucratic health care system as it stands.

Wikihospitals is on a mission to disrupt the health care sector, providing greater transparency to the public about what goes on behind closed doors, whilst educating Australians about alternative solutions for treatment.

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