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The line between complementary and quackery

9th APRIL, 2018 Alternative TherapiesUnsubstantiated claimsA billion dollar industry Complementary Alternative Therapies (CAM) were once laughed at by Western medical groups as scientific fraud. Today they are accepted by many members of the health industry, including some Doctors. Where is the proof that their products are cost effective and useful? Here are some figures on …

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New models of care

An international health reform organisation comes to Melbourne The HealthXL event was held at the Murcock Children’s Research Institute, set in the Royal Children’s Hospital, Flemington Road Melbourne. HealthXL is an international organisation. Their aim is to resolve the most pressing healthcare problems through collaboration. Four main themes were covered on this day: New models …

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How to stand up to a Government Health Department – and win

Political promises, bureaucratic bungling and families fighting back The Phillips family are fighters. And winners. Indy was born with Rett’s syndrome, a cruel genetic disease that can cause physical deformities, seizures and life threatening cardiac arrest. When she was first diagnosed with the disease, Doctors said that Indy would not survive her childhood. Instead of accepting …

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Interview with David Lester

A better way to diagnose epilepsy Wikihospitals – Today I’m introducing David Lester from NIESM, an Australian entrepreneur. David, welcome to Wikihospitals.  David, perhaps you can give a brief overview of the product that you’re developing and how it can help people. David –  We’re focusing on providing solutions to help patients with epilepsy achieve better …

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Inadequate nursing levels in private clinics

There is sometimes a conflict of interest between business profits and clinical safety In one Australian private day clinic, patients were being pushed through theatre, late into the afternoon. Minor surgical procedures were being done, broken fingers fixed, colonoscopies, grommets placed in children’s ears. The patients were a mix of adults and children. The surgeon …

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“Let’s just prevent readmissions…”

With chatbots, gamification and combination drugs Last Tuesday’s meetup was dedicated to one of healthcare’s biggest problems. Over 50% of people prescribed medical treatments by their Doctor, do not complete their recommended plan. The cost of readmissions to hospitals for avoidable readmissions linked to non-compliance with medications, is estimated to be millions of dollars every …

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Opioid overdoses (especially in white, rural areas)

International Overdose Awareness Day started in Melbourne, Australia The 31st of August is International Overdose Awareness Day. This movement originated 16 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Sally Finn and Peter Streker were working in drug rehabilitation and community services and decided to hold a local event, handing out silver ribbons, to commemorate loved ones who had …

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Duplex and Adyuvo

Preventing hospital infections and integrating data for renal patients The winter Melbourne Health Accelerator program is over half way through it’s Winter curriculum. The pitches are much more focused and clear about who the customer is, and what the product can offer. Contacts have been organised with senior clinical staff in the hospital to discuss …

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