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Aged care

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Aged care reinvented

At a recent Peak15 meetup, aged care providers showed more interest in quality of life for their elderly clients than trendy technology. They also passion for their work and a commitment for ongoing reform.

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Vale Sally Crossing

This article is a tribute to Sally Crossing. She was a tireless advocate for cancer patients, and lobbied for greater accountability of the health industry.

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Founder interviews

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Staying in touch with Cliniq Apps

Social media style tools are finally coming to the health industry space. Now clinic software can become a searchable database with segmented lists, keyword searches and auto responses.

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Industry issues

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Secrets and healthcare

If patients knew which hospitals have dangerously high error rates, they would only choose the safe ones and the bad hospitals would be forced to close.

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The Healthcare Nanny State

At present one third of western health budgets are believed to be wasted on overservicing, fraud and unnecessary test. The current system is unsustainable.

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Patient stories

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Syd’s story

Syd is an Australian woman who thought that having private health insurance would give her more accurate healthcare, by Australian private doctors, with no waiting

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Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse is more common that most people realise. Aged care training courses are paid to accept AND pass students, no matter how unsuitable they are. The health bureaucracy blocks complaints and hides information on reported errors. The victims are elderly and frail patients.

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