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Nursing home death ignored

An elderly man was admitted to a private nursing home. One month later he was dead. After five years of investigations, no one has been held accountable.

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Staying engaged with Physitrack

Physiotherapy assessments and exercise plans don’t have to be stick figure drawings on a scrap of paper. They can be done via a secure platform, using multimedia and smart phone based communication.

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Making Lyfe easier for Doctors

Few realise that Doctors lose a lot of time and money from patient ‘no shows’. Platforms that use modern technology and online payments can easily overcome this problem.

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Industry issues

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Electronic Hell Records

Electronic medical records promised to promote health technology and effeciency. Instead they have become a major headach for Doctors. What went wrong?

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The Red Light District of medicine

It’s easy enough for adults to lose their money and health, in the seductive but sometimes dangerous world of small private hospitals. Confused teenagers have virtually no chance.

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New models of care

An international health reform organisation comes to Melbourne The HealthXL event was held at the Murcock Children’s Research Institute, set in the Royal Children’s Hospital,

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