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Blog, Martina Clark

Who cares for the Carers?

Who cares for the carers? It’s a great question. Martina Clark decided to build a video site, where carers could share their experiences and help others.

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Blog, Murray MacDonald

Meet MUVi the hospital cleaning robot

Hospital acquired infections are a billion dollar problem and kill thousands every year. This entrepreneur has an automated robot that can bathe hospital wards in ultraviolet light, killing most infections effectively.

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Blog, Donald McPhail

Donald McPhail interview

Building bridges with technology Wikihospitals – Donald McPhail, thank you for joining us. We’re here today to talk about several health startups, including Becon Health

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Blog, elizabeth holmes

Sex appeal, startups and scammers

It was the cover up of the decade. The blond, upper class female founder was clueless. Her company was falling apart. And the technology she was selling was fake. Why did it take so long for investors to see through the lies?

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Blog, safi and martina, melbourne health accelerator program

The final pitches

Reforming healthcare for patients and families The final participants of the Melbourne Health Accelerator Program winter program, are those who’s end customer is ultimately the

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Blog, Melbourne Health Accelerator Program

Duplex and Adyuvo

Preventing hospital infections and integrating data for renal patients The winter Melbourne Health Accelerator program is over half way through it’s Winter curriculum. The pitches

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