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Blog, David Lester, NIESM

Interview with David Lester

A better way to diagnose epilepsy Wikihospitals – Today I’m introducing David Lester from NIESM, an Australian entrepreneur. David, welcome to Wikihospitals.  David, perhaps you

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Blog, Kunal Kalro, Eugune Labs

Interview with Kunal Kalro

Making pre pregnancy genetic screening relevant for non caucasian groups Wikihospitals: I’d like to introduce Kunal Kalro, co-founder of Eugene and serial founder of many other

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Blog, take this app, royal melbourne hospital

‘Take this app’

JUNE, 2017 As part of Melbourne Health Research week, the event ‘Take this app and call me in the morning: The future of digital health

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Blog, melbourne health accelerator program

The first pitch

Reforming hospitals from the inside out. Australia’s first health startup accelerator, situated inside the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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