Showcasing startups

Showcasing startups

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Medical technology service designed to service rural areas. Include a patient walk-in clinic equipped with diagnostic devices, rural clinics operated by trained technicians, outreach services and telemedicine consultations.

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A free app allowing patients to record their Doctors appointments, making it easier to understand medical jargon, their diagnosis and prescribed treatments.

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An online healthcare marketplace, allowing patients to compare prices and buy online.

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A virtual scribe app for Doctors, allowing them to dictate notes about their patients on the go, that sync to medical records.

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An app that connects patients and Doctors using a telemedicine portal. They manage bookings, payments and secure video conferencing.

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An app that integrates medical records, connecting individuals and Doctors. New Zealand’s leading mobile and digital health management platform.

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A flexible medical transcription service for Doctors that learns quickly and integrates with electronic health records.

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An app that makes pharmacy medications much easier to manage. Users can scan their pill bottles, receive automatic reminders for refills, receive home delivery of medications and find the cheaper way to buy medications.

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A Chinese company normally producing agricultural drones and robots, is now producing robots designed to disinfectant hospitals.

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A robotic service that cleanings hospital rooms with large bursts of ultra violet light.

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A hospital cleaning system that uses robots and hydrogen peroxide vapour to kill dangerous bacturia and viruses like Covid 19.

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Around 6.4% of UK patients will end up with a hospital-acquired infection, the most common being C. difficile. Hospital rooms are full of awkward shaped objects that are difficult to clean using traditional methods.

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A communication app for health and social care workers allowing them to share medical text and images, securely.

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Automated health stations situated in grocery, pharmacy or shopping centres, allowing people to check their own metrics and connect with a Doctor if necessary.

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A robot pillow that ‘breaths’ rhythmically, guiding users towards a better nights sleep.

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A small social robot that helps elderly people, by supporting everyday structure, giving reminders and playing music.

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A cloud-based medical speech recognition service with specific products for all medical specialties.

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An all in one website, allowing people to search for and connect with a wide range of doctors online, book hospital appointments, order lab tests and see the results.

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A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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The patient app includes an artificial intelligence driven symptom checker, searchable content and online access to Doctors via telemedicine.

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A health-system integrator that allows medical organisations to communicate electronically, across Australia and New Zealand.

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Apps for both patients and Doctors. It offers people a personal health app to record their medical history and doctors an electronic health records system to book patient appointments.

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A platform for Americans to book and pay for video or phone medical appointments, zero co pay with most insurance plans.

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A large Indonesian site where people can ask a Doctor questions, buy medications, make a hospital appointment or book a medical appointment.

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China’s largest health internet resource connecting people to a large range of doctors, medical, pharmacy and health service.

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A family Doctor to visit and diagnose common conditions, give first aid, do physical exams and administer health check ups.

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An Indian telemedicine service, allowing people to connect with general and specialist doctors using Video, Phone and Chat

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A leading telehealth provider across Malaysia, providing a one stop platform for a wide range of medical and health services.

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Offering two solutions, patient booking software for Doctors clinics, and a platform to help patients find Doctors.

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Using artificial intelligence and over 500 data points per Doctor, to match up patients and health professionals.

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A software company that is using chatbots to make patients journey through emergency departments less stressful.

Ultraviolet light in hospital wards,

UVD Robots

A robot with ultra violet lights attached, that automatically cleans hospital areas in a safe and affordable manner.

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Tru D

Killing dangerous hospital acquired infections, using ultraviolet light.

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MUVi UV Cleaning

This company has developed ultraviolet light equipment that kills hospital infections in a safe and affordable manner.

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An app allowing people to manage their own health data and get personalized insights, while contributing to global research.

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Oncotype IQ

A genomic test to predict a patient’s risk of recurrence and individual benefits from chemotherapy.

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Nebula genomics

Affordable whole genome sequencing, decoding 100% of individuals DNA and producing 10,000 more times data.

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A blood test that uses DNA sequencing to identify over 1,000 clinically relevant pathogens, bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi, and parasites.

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Genome Medical

A company helping people find the right genetic test, for their particular health problem.

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A genetic test to assess the effectiveness of psychotropic medications on individuals.

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Clear Genetics

Genetic testing software for Doctors, that makes it easy to manage and support this patient group.

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Genetic and disease data sets, helping women overcoming their infertility.

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Atlas Biomed

Home DNA tests that will give information on family history and individual human biome.

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23 and me

A home DNA testing company that provides limited home DNA tests.

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Temp pal

A small, wearable temperature monitor that sends data to a smartphone app.

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Helping women make informed decisions about their fertility by providing personalized information on their health, hormones and menstrual cycles.

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A personal pregnancy coach, symptom checker and digital check-up for pregnant women.

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A microbiome company that is using genetic discoveries to develop treatments for chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes.

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Vedanta Biosciences

Creating new treatments made from the bacteria that normally live in our GUT ecosystem.

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Oshi health

A multidisciplinary care team (including gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, mental health professionals, health coaches and care coordinators) to help people dealing with GUT disorders.