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Atlas Medical Concierge

Also known as ‘direct care’ or ‘concierge medicine’, this company focuses on better communication with patients, early detection of issues and ongoing management of chronic disease.

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A subscription based primary care practice offering ‘slow medicine’, where Doctors take the time to listen to their patients, and address their needs.

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An app that tracks employees mental and physical health, offers weekly check ins, goal setting and a range of articles and videos on healthy lifestyles.

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An Employee Assistance Program that uses an an app to communication with company staff, offering early assessments, skills development, coaching and support and face to face therapy.

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The Black Dog Institute

An app that allows Australian adults to measure and monitor factors that influence their mental health.

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Smiling Mind

An app aimed at helping young people to spend ten minutes a day on mindfulness and meditation.

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A teleconferencing platform for psychiatry services in Australia. Connecting mental health professionals, patients and pharmacists. Powered by GP2U.

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Philia Labs

A stress management program, combining smart wearable devices and app based coaching.

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Mood Mission

An evidence-based app, designed to help people overcome feelings of depression and anxiety, by discovering new and better ways of coping.

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An Employee Assistance Program providing psychologists as well as general education on mental health topics.

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Good Therapy Australia

A directory that include psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, face to face and online services.

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Finding Franky

Helping people find the right mental health professionals then book appointments and have online consultations.

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A teleconferencing for people to book appointments and have consultations with Australian psychiatrists.

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Cyber Clinic

An app that uses algorithms to connect users with the most appropriate mental health services, for their needs

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Conduit Health

Specialties include aged services, addictions, child and adolescent, prenatal and forensic services.

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Call to Mind

A telehealth service for to access mental health services, particularly in rural and remote Australia.

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Australia Counselling

A directory of counsellors, psychologists and social workers throughout Australia.

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Bioabsorbable polymer technology that has biocompatibility and design flexibility, able to support tissue repair, before biodegrading and being absorbed by the body.

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Practice management software for allied health professionals. Features including calendars, invoicing, reports, case notes, letter writing and other add ons.

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Keeping patients in the loop in between physiotherapy sessions with activities, multimedia and personalised programs.

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A small smart device that can hook into any rehab equipment, and measure the generated force during exercises.

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A female physiotherapist, with her own chatbot app, guiding people towards the best care for their needs. Her aims are to show people how physiotherapy can help manage and prevent injuries.

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Owner health

A mobile physiotherapy and podiatrist service, visiting people across Australia in their own homes.

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Massage for health professionals

A service organising on-site massages for hospitals staff. They coordinate with ward availability times, send out reminder texts to staff. A range of packages are available.

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An app that is purpose built specifically for the physiotherapy industry, designed to lower the cost and streamline the process in finding and filling locum shifts.

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A drug under clinical trials that aims to treat Alzheimer’s by reducing cortisol levels in the brain.

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Pharmacy software that allows pharmacies to store, retrieve and categorise paper pharmacy scripts, via the cloud.

Perx Health

An app that used gamification to reward compliance with medication treatments.

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A solution for counterfeit medications, this company has product-integrated supply chain monitoring and anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical drugs.

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A company that provides secure electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) for health professionals, keeping medical information safe and accurate.

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A pharmacy app for patients, listing their current scripts, giving reminders when scripts are due to be renewed, offering a one tap refill of current scripts and giving high quality medication advice.

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A platform to improve patient engagement and experience in hospitals and clinics.

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PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) is a minimally invasive therapeutic treatment that uses photosensitisers and visible light to produce cytotoxic reactive oxygen that kills malignant cells.

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Dispensary, networking and a national database monitoring the dispensing of drugs.

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FixHepC helps patients access the new generic Hepatitis C medications at affordable prices.

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eRx Script Exchange

A national ehealth script solution connected to 90% of Australian pharmacies, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

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CNS dose

Software that uses genetic information from patients to help guide more accurate drug dosing regimes.

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Software that harnesses play-based learning to speed up language development in children that are struggling.

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Smileyscope’s immersive virtual reality helps children cope with needle procedures through entertainment, distraction and relaxation.

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A virtual reality company using technology for social projects. This includes working with the Murdock Children’s Research Institute to help children overcome anxiety.

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A small robot to take children’s vital signs, help them to take their medications, and update their Doctors and family, while engaging them with interactive games.

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Using functional near-infrared spectroscopy to see how the brain responds to hearing inputs.

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Online advice by development experts, about children’s behaviour, developmental learning or emotional skills.

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Allergy pal

An app to store children’s allergy plan, find education and share medical details with friends and family.

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A Trip Advisor style health services rating site, offering feedback on allied health, psychologists and dentists.

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That sugar film

A film about the amount of sugar that actually exists in modern processed foods, and the damage it is doing to people’s health.

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A personal smart card that stores medical information for use in times of emergency.

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A website that helps patients, carers and healthcare professionals to find and book accommodation that is close to hospitals.

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Medical Travel Companions

This company offers transportation and concierge services which creates independence for customers who love to travel but require assistance or reassurance.