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asthma, respiratory, ventolin


Track inhaler usage, techniques, effectiveness of medications and share information with Doctor and family.

boxing, sports, head injury, neurology, acquired brain injury

Head check health

Guiding non-medical staff through concussion protocoles and injury reports in a quick effecient manner.

Listings, ultrasound


A hand held and wireless ultrasound scanner. Clinical quality images, connects to IOS or Android smartphones and affordable.

medical apps, doctor, smartphone


A range of small cardiac monitors, software including cloud services and telemedicine.


Cloud based heart murmur detection software that uses artificial intelligence to assess sounds from digital stethoscopes.

virtual reality, students, education


Using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to transform medical learning and development.

medical phone call, teleconferencing, smart phone


Working with private insurers to give their members faster and more efficient medical advice.

Blog, Blood pressure, medications, cardiology

Cloud DX

Combining home smart devices with medical teleconferencing, to give real time virtual medical testing.

medical team, hospitals, doctors


Discuss cases, expand professional knowledge and earn CME points.

Listings, smartphones, apps


A platform connecting patients, hospitals and insurers with engaging chatbots on social media platforms.

wound, ulcer, wound care, plastics

Swift Medical

Touchless 3D measurement of wounds, assessing size and depth. The data is synced to a smartphone then sent to cloud records.

home care, aged care, nursing

Sensory Technologies

Home monitoring for palliative care and complex care patients, enabling hospital staff to stay in touch using technology.

Listings, iv pump, intensive care


A new ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) system that is transportable, more efficient and far cheaper than current systems. 

skin cancer, dermatology, doctor, skin


Available on all operating systems and devices, dermatology clinic software that uses artificial intelligence to help diagnose a range of conditions.