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Medical technology service designed to service rural areas. Include a patient walk-in clinic equipped with diagnostic devices, rural clinics operated by trained technicians, outreach services and telemedicine consultations.

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An all in one website, allowing people to search for and connect with a wide range of doctors online, book hospital appointments, order lab tests and see the results.

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Apps for both patients and Doctors. It offers people a personal health app to record their medical history and doctors an electronic health records system to book patient appointments.

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A family Doctor to visit and diagnose common conditions, give first aid, do physical exams and administer health check ups.

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An Indian telemedicine service, allowing people to connect with general and specialist doctors using Video, Phone and Chat

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India’s first approved digital therapeutic app to manage diabetes.

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A mobile clinic and micro ambulance, created by a team of Doctors and technology experts to bring acute healthcare to rural India.

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An electric device that sits on top of an ordinary white cane. It can detect above knee and hanging obstacles.

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The site offers online nutritionist consultations and home delivery of healthy foods.

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A low cost, portable ventilator that is designed for developing countries. It provides the functions of a normal ventilator, and can connect via Bluetooth, at a much lower cost than traditional ventilators.

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AgVa healthcare

A low cost and cost efficient ventilator, driven by a smartphone or smart tablet, syncs to the ventilator via bluetooth.

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Vatsalya Dental Clinic

A range of innovative dental services including a ‘dento jungle’ clinic to help children overcome fear, and home dental services for adults.

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A mobile dental service, that allows people to book an appointment via an app then receive a home dental visit.

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Clove Dental

India’s largest and fastest-growing dental network that also run outreach dental programs in rural and underprivileged areas.

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A digital health and fitness subscription service that combines one-on-one mobile personal coaching and fitness tracking technology.

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A wide range of medical specialists, with a waiting time less than 30 minutes able to talk to patients via a mobile device and assess their issues.

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An affordable, solid and mobile 12-lead ECG, oxygen sats and blood pressure monitor.

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Cardiac Design Labs

A range of products to monitor ECG’s, include 3 and 12 lead ECG monitoring.

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Life Circle

A subscription based home care service in India, offering both registered nurses and carers.

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A smartwatch to remotely monitor, track vital signs then contact the user, for emergency staff and elderly people.

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Advice on mental and sexual health for men. India’s leading men’s health platform.

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For remote medical advice, people can download the app and make a call to a Doctor.

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A consumer site giving advice on how to find, book and pay for the best medical services.

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No waiting app

An online booking system, for patients to select and book medical appointments in hospitals, across India.

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A tech savvy, successful primary health care network spreading across rural, semi urban and urban India and giving people general, maternal, child, eye, telemedicine and pathology services.

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A small, laptop size device that can assess multiple health parameters, from vital signs to 12 lead ECG and major blood tests.

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Software as a Service out patients and medical practice software. Easy to use electronic health record systems for hospitals and clinics.

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A secure messaging app for medical teams, that allows them to text each other, share multimedia and communicate in teams or as individuals.

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Using artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis of common medical conditions, saving time and money.

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A directory of health services that can be bought cheaply, enabling people to find Doctors in their area of need, payment platform to order medications and have them delivered, also and general articles about health and well being.

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Designed by a Doctor to consolidate all work opportunities on one platform.

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India’s largest and the world’s fastest-growing network of physicians.

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A global medical learning platform, with information sorted by medical specialty, major disease and clinical role.

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A huge academic network for Doctors, including clinical cases, drug database and specialty guidelines.

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A network of over 350,000 doctors, helping them discuss difficult cases, get medical updates, read medical news, and browse medical jobs.

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Access to nutritionists and fitness trainers, individualised fitness programs, tracking progress via an app.

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Dr Safe Hands

Lab tests for sexually transmitted diseases, pre marriage tests, female clinics for periods, fertility, pregnancy and menopause, fertility testing for men, LGBTQUI and male specific clinics.