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A cloud-based medical speech recognition service with specific products for all medical specialties.

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The patient app includes an artificial intelligence driven symptom checker, searchable content and online access to Doctors via telemedicine.

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A platform for Americans to book and pay for video or phone medical appointments, zero co pay with most insurance plans.

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A software company that is using chatbots to make patients journey through emergency departments less stressful.

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Tru D

Killing dangerous hospital acquired infections, using ultraviolet light.

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An app allowing people to manage their own health data and get personalized insights, while contributing to global research.

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Oncotype IQ

A genomic test to predict a patient’s risk of recurrence and individual benefits from chemotherapy.

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Nebula genomics

Affordable whole genome sequencing, decoding 100% of individuals DNA and producing 10,000 more times data.

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A blood test that uses DNA sequencing to identify over 1,000 clinically relevant pathogens, bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi, and parasites.

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Genome Medical

A company helping people find the right genetic test, for their particular health problem.

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A genetic test to assess the effectiveness of psychotropic medications on individuals.

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Clear Genetics

Genetic testing software for Doctors, that makes it easy to manage and support this patient group.

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Genetic and disease data sets, helping women overcoming their infertility.

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23 and me

A home DNA testing company that provides limited home DNA tests.

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Helping women make informed decisions about their fertility by providing personalized information on their health, hormones and menstrual cycles.

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A microbiome company that is using genetic discoveries to develop treatments for chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes.

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Vedanta Biosciences

Creating new treatments made from the bacteria that normally live in our GUT ecosystem.

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Oshi health

A multidisciplinary care team (including gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, mental health professionals, health coaches and care coordinators) to help people dealing with GUT disorders.

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A not-for-profit stool bank, supporting safe fecal transplants and collaborative research into the human microbiome.

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A small bowel capsule endoscope system that takes 360 degree of the small bowel.

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A range of engaging and transformative apps, to help people manage chronic disease.

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A weight loss program for diabetics involving virtual coaching and medical teleconferencing.

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Software that can pick up data from a wide range of smart blood glucose monitors and store it in the cloud.

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Smart socks that continuously track temperature changes, to closely monitor the feet of diabetics

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A blood glucose meter with pain-free lancets that attaches to a smartphone case. Data is synced to an app that gives encouragement and rewards.

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A SmartMat that monitors diabetics feet and then alerts both the user and health team, when a problem is identified.

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A smart blood glucose meter with easy to use settings and a smartphone app that records data and enables it to be shared.

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A small wearable and waterproof device that can deliver continuously insulin for up to 72 hours

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My Dario

A smart blood glucose meter that combines lancets and strips, then syncs the data to a smartphone app.

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Jana care

A small device that fits into a smartphone and allows blood samples to be tested.

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A small handheld device that combines lancing and blood collection in a single package.

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Deep Lens

An artificial intelligence based company focused on enabling faster recruitment of the best-suited cancer patients, for clinical trials at the time of diagnosis.

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COTA Healthcare

Cloud software that analyzes real-world evidence and deliver clinically relevant insights directly to Doctors computers.

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An app to help people going through cancer treatment to manage their symptoms and take more control of their health.

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A hand-held breath analysis device that helps people understand what are the best foods for them to eat.

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A low cost, user friendly otoscope that connects to a smartphone, is fitted with an LED light and records high quality video footage of the ear and ear drum.

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Beta Bionics

A public benefit corporation working in the diabetes space, building an automatic pancreatic device.

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An Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic system to quickly and accurately diagnose diabetic retinopathy, before it causes blindness.

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Tracking the insulin dose used, temperature of drug and type of insulin used and sending that information to a smartphone app, via bluetooth.

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Socrates health solutions

A non invasive way to monitor diabetes, using a light wave beam that picks blood glucose and syncs data to a smartphone app.

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A wearable device that gives out a continuous infrared light, able to monitor blood glucose levels.

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A data analytics program allowing Doctors to remotely monitor their patients blood glucose levels, using data from their smartphone apps.

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Cecelia health

A personalise program to help people with chronic disease change their lifestyles.


Provides continuous blood glucose monitoring for up to 90 days, data syncs to a smartphone app for real-time diabetes monitoring.

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A small sensor sits under the skin, transmittes blood glucose levels to a smartphone app that records the readings and recommends appropriate action.

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Contour next one

A smart blood glucose monitor that uses a light coloured system to give easy to follow directions about blood glucose readings


A primary care practice (also called concierge medicine) of top-rated doctors, using technology to providing in-depth preventive care at home or in-person.

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A small wearable sensor that attaches to the skin, syncs to a smart phone and guides better management of diabetes.

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Bigfoot biomedical

A smartphone-enabled diabetes management system including an automated infusion pump and smart insulin pens, smart glucose meters and an app with analytics to recommend accurate insulin doses.

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Better therapeutics

A software company that creates FDA regulated apps to help with the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.