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A smart phone app that can photograph a wound, analyse it, upload the image to the cloud and help monitor the healing progress.

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Lark Health

A combination of artificial intelligence backed fitness coaching and integrated smart monitoring devices.

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An ipad app that estimates delivery room blood loss, for much more accurate assessment of patients risks and the need for infusions.

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A wearable patch monitors choughs and respiratory rate, the data is synced to a smartphone app then sent to a cloud portal, when it is monitored for showing signs of an asthma attack.

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36% to 50% of dialysis grafts fail completely within the first year. VenoStent is a vein graft-supporting device made from a new class of shape-memory polymers that aims to overcome this problem.

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A service saving Americans millions of dollars in pharmacy bills, by providing both a list and map of drug prices, searchable by brand name. It also offers a range of discount services.

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Gauss surgical

An ipad app that estimates delivery room blood loss, for much more accurate assessment of patients risks and need for infusions.

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A range of smart eating utensils, that sense jerky hand movements and counter balance, so that food does not spill.

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Trak fertility

Male fertility testing, done at home using disposable sperm testing kits.

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Medical tourism association

A global non-profit association overseeing the medical tourism industry. They work with hospitals, insurers and governments to promote high quality standards.

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A boimpedance spectroscopy device that accurately and noninvasively measure a patient’s total body water, extracellular and intracellular fluid volumes. Useful for chronic disease management and patients undergoing complex treatments.

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Designed to help hemophilia patients and medical teams log their infusions, record bleeds and track their activity.

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An app to help people with hemophilia to manage their disease and record and share their symptoms.

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Easy and affordable male fertility testing with at home sperm testing kits.

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Bringing deaf people back into group conversations, using smartphones, voice to text and AI technology.

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Pear Therapeutics

A digital therapeutics company dealing with addiction issues using science based strategies and technology products.

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Marigold Health

Combining Artificial Intelligence and peer chat support groups, to help bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient services.

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iMedical Apps

Products divided by major specialty, specifically for use by Doctors, peer reviews and ratings available.

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A small monitoring device that syncs with a smartphone, allowing parents to track children and keep them safe.

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Luma Therapeutics

A home treatment for localised psoriasis, using narrow band UV light to reduce inflammation, hydrojell to protect the skin and a phone app to control the dose.

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Intra-oral cameras and teledentistry making dentistry consumer focused, understandable and accessable.

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A smart phone attachment that allows people to take a medical grade ECG/EKG at home.

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A large online community and store promoting alternative treatments for wellness and especially for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and lyme disease.

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An online shop that sells a wide range of herbal, homeopathic treatments as well as general home and beauty products.

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A small implantable device that uses electrical signals, to trigger the bodies own biological response.

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Atmo Tube

A small hand held device that measures air pollution, as well as atmosphere pressure, humidity and temperature.