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This service works with insurers, to bring mobile dental hygienists direct to people at work or in the home.

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A company using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to improve diagnosis, practice management and the quality of suppliers in the dental industry.

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Henry the Dentist

A mobile dentist service delivered via a bus that is outfitted with dental clinic equipment.

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Beam Dental

A dental benefits company that combines smart toothbrushes with financial rewards for regular teeth brushing.

3D Systems

Combining Virtual Reality and 3D printing, to create accurate planning and surgical treatments for patients requiring bespoke bone parts.

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Provides up to 14 days of uninterrupted monitoring using a small wearable cardiac device.

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Vixiar medical

A hand-held device being developed, to assess cardiac filling pressures, in the home, physician’s offices, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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A smart stethoscope that easily records and compare heart, lung and other body sounds.

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A smartphone attachment that allows you to hold a phone to someone’s chest, and it records heart sounds and cardiac rhythm.

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Sentinel healthcare

Remote monitoring of hypertension. A wearable wrist based device that syncs to a smartphone app and keeps health teams up to date.

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Three home based, smart cardiac monitoring devices. A blood pressure monitor, smart scales and a small ECG monitor.

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A range of small wearable cardiac monitors called BodyGuardian that collect long term and continuous ECG monitoring.

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The world’s first FDA-cleared scale-based Peak Wave Velocity device. Designed for outpatient use.


A platform for cardiologists, helping them streamline care for their patients who have implantable cardiac devices (pacemakers).

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The company makes two devices to monitor cardiac health, a wearable cuff to monitor blood pressure and a small hand held device that can detect heart rate, oxygen saturation and pulse wave velocity.

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A Software as a Service company offering allowing physicians to select the most appropriate home cardiac monitoring service (Holter, Event, or MCT) based on their patient’s symptoms, insurance coverage, and financial situation.

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iHealth Labs

A company that sells internet connected blood pressure monitors, weight scales, blood glucose monitors and thermometers.

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Uspide health

Ouchie is an app for patients suffering from chronic pain. It delivers targeted education, rewards for achievements and provides an active community offering online support.

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AC health app

A platform for physiotherapists and occupational therapists, that allows them to record their personalized instructions through video and other medium, to deliver the highest quality of remote care. Replacing stick figure drawings with high quality and informative multimedia.

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Hoy health

Helping minorities, immigrants, veterans and medically underserved with affordable and pay cash health services.

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Beam health

Beam is an online marketplace where patients can discover medical services that use telemedicine, and Doctors can quickly and easily sign up to reach patients using telemedicine services.

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This app allows people to manage their prescriptions, request home delivery and synchronize all their health data in real time. and order refills.

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Hello heart

A wireless FDA approved blood pressure monitor that syncs to a smartphone app, and offers a way to monitor chronic cardiac conditions.

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Omron healthcare

Several products including a wristwatch that monitors blood pressure and a ECG and blood pressure monitor for home use.

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A planning tool that creates a personalized, digital 3D model of the arteries.

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HD Medical

A smart stethoscope that records both an ECG and heart sounds, matches the data together and syncs to an app.

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A smart phone case that allows for a wide range of cardiac and respiratory testing.

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A range of smart watches, bracelet trackers, bathroom scales and apps at monitor health metrics.

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Eko core

A digital stethoscope that offers offers live streaming or remote consultations, amplification x 40 and active noise cancellation.

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An implantable monitor, home smart devices and cloud-based monitoring.

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Fisher Wallace Stimulator

A headset that delivers a mild electrical currents via conduction pads and a wearable headband. FDA cleared to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia.

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ClearSight System

A non invasive way of monitoring stroke volume, cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance and continuous blood pressure.

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Caretaker Medical

A range of devices including a wrist and finger monitor, to monitor continuous non invasive blood pressure, heart rate comparable to a 3 lead ECG,blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, core body temperature, end tidal Co2, cardiac output and stroke volume.

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A medical grade cardiac diagnosis engine drawing on a large database of cardiac recordings.


A smartwatch app that uses deep neural network technology to detect four medical conditions – Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Atrial Fibrillation, and Diabetes.

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Cardiac Insight

A small device that can be worn for seven days continously, small, light weight and water resistant.

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A small, light, wearable device that can be attached over the sternum, to to capture an accurate ECG.

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Two products are available – Bioflux Cardiac Telemetry system that provides real-time remote data 24/7, for up to 30 consecutive days and Biocentrix, a smart wearable device that gives people medical-grade information about their heart’s performance.

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A smart way to effortlessly track systolic and diastolic blood pressure 24/7, using a simple wrist worn device.

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Electrographic flow imaging to visualization the action potential flows within a heart with atrial fibrillation, and guide ablation therapy.

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At home testing and clinical analysis, this company offers a personalised approach to wellness therapies.

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Pro health

Helping people manage chronic disease with information about vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Giving people information about vitamin and mineral supplements. Expert reviews, price transparency and buyer feedback.

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Ride health

A company that partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers, to manage patient transport more effectively.

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Improving the ability for people to search for and find provider data, profiles, listings and reputation for private practices and hospitals, as well as providing online scheduling.

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A messaging system that helps aged care facilities manage staffing issues, remind residents and keep relatives up to date.

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A bluetooth device that pairs with an app, offering a real-time safety service for vulnerable individuals.

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Sotera wireless

Monitoring of hospital patients. Provides non invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and fall monitoring.

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Softbank Robotics

A company that creates companion robots for a range of industries.

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Real time location tracking, emergency calls and cloud based analytics technology.