Here are answers to some common questions about Wikihospitals


What is the purpose of Wikihospitals?

To promote health technology services

Making health care safer and more affordable
To give both patients and clinical staff better tools at lower costs

How can Wikihospitals help me?

Most health professionals, patients and administrators simply don’t know what health technology services are currently available

The health industry in general is very fragmented. Information is often in ‘silos’, not able to be shared across different groups

Health technology websites don’t sort the data into major industry groups, they just dump new information on websites as it turns up. This makes it impossible for Doctors or patients to find what is useful for them

Wikihospitals gives people the information they need, in an easy to understand and very affordable manner

What can I do with the information you offer?

Solve your problems!

For patients, they can find out about major problems to avoid and new health technology solutions that are effective, accurate and affordable

For clinical staff, there are much more accurate ways to manage a clinic, keep in touch with customers and making sure their individual problems are managed correctly

And for administrators there are smart devices of every size and shape, that link to cloud services and keep staff up to date, patients safe and reduce time wasting

What sort of business is Wikihospitals?

Wikihospitals is currently registered as a sole trading company, operating in Australia as Wikihospitals

The name Wikihospitals is registered as trademarked in Australia 1555608

Process is underways to trademark the name in the USA

What does Wikihospitals hope to achieve?

Disruption in the health industry

Public education about common and avoidable errors and excessive and unnecessary costs

The promotion and support of small, innovative health technology services, often referred to as health startups