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Wikihospitals is a personal blog.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information featured, you must accept the terms and conditions of the site before progressing through it.

Having said that, the articles about patient errors are based on true life stories. While names and places have been altered, the clinical information presented, is accurate.

The health technology companies displayed in the directory come from high quality international sources. These include international Doctors with a keen interest in technology and industry technology associations closely involved in healthcare.

The startup ecosystem has always been a major source of inspiration. They are always looking for ways to disrupt this bloated, overpriced and fragmented industry.

If we don’t reform healthcare, the industry will collapse. Public systems are already buckling under the strain of skyrocketing costs. Private health systems are bankrupting entire countries, as in America.

So read the blogs, sign up for the newsletter and join the reform movement.

Yes. Please go to the contact page and send up your details. 

Also, if you see information listed that is not correct please get in touch. This is a one-woman website and information can only be checked infrequently. 

Absolutely! At this stage Wikihospitals is not earning money. This means all running costs come out of personal funds. If you have suggestions for funding be it advertising, grants or sponsorship deals we would love to hear from you. Please go to the contact page.

A limited list of health and technology services are available here. To see the full listing and have the ability to filter it by a wide range of taxonomies you will need to register with the site here.

At this stage registration is free. It will become a subscription service in the coming months.