A great workshop was held today at Lab 14, 700 Swanston Street Carlton. There were 11 health startups presenting their pitch, 60 odd people listening, providing advice and support.

Health Delivered is a cloud-based platform that consultations with dieticians, personalised meal plans and on-going management. The CEO is Peter Saunders.

Pete Saunders

Pete Saunders

Dr Natasha Smallwood, Consultant Respiratory Physician at Melbourne Hospital is setting up an Advanced Lung Disease Service. This is a new model of care that integrates respiratory and palliative care. She reminded us that by 2020 COPD will be the 3rd biggest cause of death. This new service has been able to reduce death in hospital statistics from 70% to 45%, giving better quality of care for patients at reduced cost to health services.

Dr Chandrashan Perera is the CEO and founder of Nebula Health, a company aiming to reduce the high rates of hospital errors. This startups uses medical software called Axon that provides on-line and up to date clinical guidelines to help guide Doctors through the estimated 170  clinical decisions that are made for Intensive Care Patients every single day.

Axon has been accepted into the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) – a Melbourne University program.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the Western world. The average ICU doctor makes 174 clinical decisions every day. These decisions can have seven hundred possible clinical pathways to follow. It has been proved that checklists reduced 40% reduction in deaths. However due to excessive regulation and difficulty bringing technology reform into the health industry, most doctors on the wards are using WhatsApp. Axon is planing to include on-line clinical guidelines. The platform will use secure communication, checklist and pictures.

Cyril Dixon presented TrueNTH, a group funded by the Movember foundation. They aim to give men diagnosed with prostate cancer information about


  • Quality of life-enhancing information
  • Care and support including treatment information
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Experiences with other prostate cancer survivors
  • Better access to healthcare professionals


Patrik Hutzel then presented his service Intensive Care at Home. Based on his experience with a German Intensive Care Home Service, this startup is fully accredited to manage ventilated patients (who are otherwise stable) in the home. This company offers are range of resources to relatives and is working with health services to provide far better quality of life for people with severe, chronic disabilities.

Alison Shears is an Occupational Therapist and the CEO Actionis, –  a wellness solution for seniors.

This startup offers a library of on line information, resources, personal stories,activities, books, movies, health services. The software learns people’s preferences over time and collects data to improve the effectiveness of the service to match people’s needs.

Marc Niemes is the producer & director of market development for HealthXN. This services provides a platform to source, digitalize, catalog and provide a wide range of on-line educational content for people working in the health industry.

CareXN is part of this company, that is providing educational content to carers. This is a very large workforce that does not normally have access to high quality educational material.

Dr Ruth Martin is involved with a group called Advanced Care Planning. They aim to keep elderly people in their nursing home and out of the busy and noisy hospitals.

The focus of Advanced Care Planning is a new type of medical treatment order that easy to follow and keeps vital information centralised and up to date.

Correct medication management keeps people out of hospital.

Simply Pharmacy is designed to overcome the huge problem of non compliance with medications as well as medication errors. At present:

40% of Australians are taking over 5 tablets
50% of people don’t take their meds
Death from non compliance of meds are 4 times the road toll, 10% of the heath budget

Li Xia, the CEO of Simply Pharmacy started this service after his mother became unwell and he watches his father struggle with being in charge of understanding and delivering medications in the home.

Prof Shanthakumar and Wilson Rajaratnam  from Monash has created a personalised sleep health management system. One of the target groups of this service is the 16% of the Australian population who are shift workers. These people have a far higher risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, reproductive issues than normal workforce.

And finally, Trent Clews-de Castella from Phoria is looking to use Virtual Reality to help reduce anxiety for patients. Trent originally started using this software in the Real Estateindustry. He is now looking for a way to connect with people in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

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