Don't believe your politicians lies

Australians are accustomed to hearing from their politicians that they are lucky to have –

‘the best and fairest health system in the world’.

Australia’s hospitals are also frequently declared to be –

‘safe, sustainable and affordable’.

Well I’m sorry to dissolution you, but none of the above is true.


Our lazy politicians won’t touch the sacred cow of hospitals for fear of denting their social media ratings.

There are plenty of reports that they could have raised in parliament over the years. 

Saving Medicare But NOT As We Know It  – by Jeremy Sammut was a good example. The report shows that –

health spending has increased by 80% from $53 billion in 2000–01 to more than $90 billion in 2010–11.

The report suggested boosting the efficiency of the public health bureaucracy, better targeting public health spending and expanding the role of private health funding.

Another report commissioned by Private Healthcare Australia graded the standards of 600 Australian private hospitals. The results so upset some members of the private hospital industry, that the entire report has been permanently banned from publication after continuing legal threats.

The private insurers who commissioned the report, wanted to ban private hospitals where care was rated C— leaving patients with dangerous infections or needing their treatment redone completely.

And a study published in 2012 called CareTrack – assessing the appropriateness of health care delivery in Australia. It found that Australians receive ‘appropriate care’ in only 57% of the instances they studied.

Have you even heard of these reports?

I’ll bet not.

There is more

An Australian report published in 2012 revealed that 3% of Australian Doctors accounts for 49% of patient complaints, and 1% of Doctors account for one quarter of patient complaints.

Our snowflake-generation media, that shys from any form of debate in case ‘someone gets hurt’.

Well, plenty of patients ‘get hurt’ in Australian hospitals. And after decades of complaints, they still have no public voice.

One of many excellent reports by the Grattan Institute called Strengthening safety statistics – how to make hospital safety data more useful – the problem of hospital data being left out, hidden or simply not shared was discussed.

Some private facts

Australia’s now have the third highest out of pocket medical costs in the Western world.

The majority of oncology and orthopedic treatments are now in the private sector.

One third of Australian hospitals are now private.

Private hospitals perform about two-thirds of all elective surgery.


Points to remember


Break up the article by –

Dividing it into clear sections

Bold the headlines (H1, H2, H3 etc)

Adding a few relevant pictures

Adding relevant quotes from important people


Keep it personal and friendly


When discussing money focus on quality not cost

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