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Aged care

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A mobile robot with a teleconferencing screen that provides connection and support to people in their homes.

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Nursing home software that offers residents a more consumer oriented way to access services, including news, scheduling appointments, maintenance, dining, transport and activities.

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A health technology platform that connects older people to a circle of family, carers, technology supports and Doctor.

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A small social robot that helps elderly people, by supporting everyday structure, giving reminders and playing music.

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A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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Stevie the robot

An AI and Robotics company with a mission of developing social assistance robots that can support staff and residents in retirement communities.

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Cross technology solutions

An eHealth-platform for remote chronic care tracking, enabling proactive intervention. Moving the healthcare industry from calendar-based to individual care.

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A messaging system that helps aged care facilities manage staffing issues, remind residents and keep relatives up to date.


An established company, providing monitored assistive technology and alerts to vulnerable people living in their own homes.

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A small home robot that providers alerts, reminders and text to voice updates for elderly and isolated people.

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A bluetooth device that pairs with an app, offering a real-time safety service for vulnerable individuals.

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Softbank Robotics

A company that creates companion robots for a range of industries.

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Real time location tracking, emergency calls and cloud based analytics technology.

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Non invasive monitoring of patients and residents, using the latest sensor and location determination technology.

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An accurate, accessible and affordable test for cognitive screening for diseases like dementia.

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Customized reminiscence therapy for aged care residents, using virtual reality.

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Remind Me Care

A secure, social media style app, that enables people to create personal profiles, share text, photos and videos, create playlists, record music and conversation, help plan activities, quizzes, games and more.

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Technology products designed to help elderly people life a more engaged, independent life and ease caregiver stress.

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Pixie care

A smart incontinence pad and app that quickly checks for urinary tract infections.

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Philips Lifeline

A range of medical alerts, devices and monitoring tools, to keep people safe in their home as they age.

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This company pairs older adults with motivated college students, for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks.

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No isolation

Overcoming social isolation with two products, a telepresence robot and social networking and messaging service.

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A cognitive health program to help people maintain their memory and mental agility, and reduce the risk of future decline.


An elegant looking smartwatch that also connects to a 24/7 home monitoring service.

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Medical Guardian

A range of home alerts, smart wearables and monitoring systems, designed for elderly people.

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A pro active voice first service, allowing relatives to stay in touch with elderly relatives. Customizable, easy to use and talks directly to users.

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A wireless and contact-free detection system, that can monitor movement, falls risks and cardiac rhythms.

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Smart technology for older people who want to stay at home and remain independent.

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CloudCare services that enable organizations to help the elderly remain independent using a phone, tablet or television.

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A home or aged care facility urine testing kit, people dipstick the urine then use a smartphone camera to confirm the results.


A network of specialist medical services set in a ‘village’. They were developed in conjunction with patients to maintain a community style environment.

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A suite of mobile devices and home monitoring services, that help older people live more independent lives.

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Allowing elderly people to book an uber or lyft ride without a smart phone app. Instead they just call a phone number from their land line or old fashion mobile phone.

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Wearable personal alerts like smart watches, to help elderly people stay safer in their own home.

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Embodied Labs

Creating companion robots to revolutionize home care, by enhancing quality of life for individuals and families.

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Keeping elderly people engaged, up to date with schedules and able to communication with family and Doctors via video and phone calls.

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A smartwatch to remotely monitor, track vital signs then contact the user, for emergency staff and elderly people.

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Products include smart devices, home alerts and telemedicine platforms. The aim is to enable patients to be more aware of their condition and manage their conditions at home.

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A plastic device that fits over the mouth and with suction from a plunger, can remove a foreign object from the lungs.

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Sensors, a mobile app, 24/7 hotline assistance and unique insurance coverage, working together to make homes smarter and safer.

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A wide range of web based programs for home care service providers.

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A suit of apps for aged care providers that run on mobile devices.

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24/7 chronic care management for patients, offering apps, care plans, a file sharing and billing system.

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Helping people with chronic conditions using an intelligent, artificial intelligence and voice engagement app.

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Care Right Now

A social enterprise that specialises in developing safer, more efficient healthcare systems.

Care predict

A wrist worn sensor for elderly people that picks up activities, behaviours, location and falls, and allows for two way communication.

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Care Innovations

This company aims to simplify home care management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology.

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Best Buy

A leading provider of home technology products that offers a subscription package called ‘Assured Living’ for older people living at home.

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Avalon AI

An AI based platform looking to build a highly accurate brain degeneration predictor, using radiology scans

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A test that allows both health professionals and individuals to assesses for early risks of developing dementia.