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Aged care

Aged care

An iPad app to perform the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination.

Search, define skills required, book and pay for carers, online.

Teleconferencing to bring Doctors to the bedside in aged care facilities.

An app to help carers gain a better understanding of dementia.

Software to help aged care staff do admission reports in a more coordinated manner.

A device agnostic platform to help aged care facilities collect data from smart devices.

Publishing experiences of patients and relatives, then giving the health service the right of reply.

Providing reviews of aged care services, to help people make better choices.

A wrist-worn device that monitors people's activities and allows them to call for assistance.

An app for aged care workers to provide better data at the bedside.

A website to search and filter aged care facilities, based on individual needs.

An app that used 3D game technology to show how homes could be more accessible for people with dementia.

A smart pad, bedside monitor and a central database at the nurses station, to monitor patients.

Smart wearable wrist devices for aged care services, with tracking and reporting capabilities.

 A smart wearable device with a sensitive falls detector and a call facilities. 

On request transportation service specifically designed to meet the needs of elderly people.

A educational platform for people working in the aged and disability care sector.

A facility for students to live with aged care residents and provide company, in return for living rent-free.

An internet-based television that allows social media style chat and reminders between elderly people and their families.

Integrating the latest in smart home automation into a single responsive system, allowing residents to stay connected and safe.

A home smart device that is easy to install and uses impulse radio ultra wide band radar.

Software for aged care facilities, based around residents needs.

A platform to search for and hire nurses and carers in the home

A touch screen designed for home use, to keep elderly people in contact with their families.

Virtual reality programs to help residents and staff in the aged care industry.

A ratings, review, Q and A and directory for aged care services.

Virtual reality programs to reducing stress in sick children and improve education for staff.

Virtual reality software to keep elderly people engaged.

Using University research to develop aged, rural and remote services.

A rehabilitation company that has a specialist service for aged care.

A network of private homes that offers an alternative to aged care facilities.

A smart and non invasive home monitoring system.

A virtual assistant, connecting people to the appropriate services.

A wearable 'smart' continence pad that alerts nurses and monitors the frequency of changes.

A home monitoring system that uses Artificial Intelligence for monitoring, reminders and alerts.

A range of innovative health and aged care technology services, purchased by a major Australian telco.

A small robot providing companion for the home

Established UK company with a wide range of monitoring devices.

Smart plugs that connect to everyday home electrical appliances, then monitor activity in a discrete manner.

A social network app for people living with dementia and their families.

A not-for-profit group providing housing and care packages to older people who are homeless or vulnerable.