Medical specialty: Disability services

Home and in care services, mobility tools, nursing and support staffing, safety devices, remote monitoring.

downs syndrome, disabilities, pediatrics


Enabling children and adults with severe speech impairments to communicate clearly.

rehabilitation, stroke, physiotherapy


A company that develops and builds customer-specific exoskeletons for walking assistance and rehabilitation.

man wheelchair, disability services


A chair-climbing robotic wheelchair, early orders are now being taken.

robotic exoskeleton, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, physiotherapy


A wearable, robotic exoskeleton to help people to recover from spinal cord injuries.

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A smaller, lighter and faster wheelchair, driven by body movement not by hands pushing the wheels.

segway, mobility devices, disabilities

Matia Robotics

A small but powerful mobility platform that helps people with a spinal cord injury stand, sit and be transferred around their environment.

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A home robot that has been designed by team of child development therapists, to help children with developmental problems. Created by the company Embodied.

stroke rehabilitation, physiotherapy, robotics

Cyberdyne systems

A range of robotic exoskeletons that help rehabilitate people with spinal cord injuries, as well as prevent work back injuries by providing extra support.

smart tracking device, running, sports, wellness, remote


A bluetooth device that pairs with an app, offering a real-time safety service for vulnerable individuals.

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No isolation

Overcoming social isolation with two products, a telepresence robot and social networking and messaging service.

emergency, ambulance


A personal smart card that stores medical information for use in times of emergency.

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Medical Travel Companions

This company offers transportation and concierge services which creates independence for customers who love to travel but require assistance or reassurance.

home carer, home support, wheelchair, nursing home


Connecting NDIS approved clients with screened carers.

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Falls protection technology, keeping people safer in the home.

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Five good friends

Home monitoring technology for the elderly, and people with disabilities, promoted by Ita Buttrose

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A service providing quality home carers and nurses.

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A range of smart eating utensils, that sense jerky hand movements and counter balance, so that food does not spill.

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A small monitoring device that syncs with a smartphone, allowing parents to track children and keep them safe.