Medical specialty: Practice management

Business advertising, work offices, new practice management models like concierge and rural medicine, directory of resources, patients medical records, booking and check in systems, billing.

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A virtual scribe app for Doctors, allowing them to dictate notes about their patients on the go, that sync to medical records.

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An app that connects patients and Doctors using a telemedicine portal. They manage bookings, payments and secure video conferencing.

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An app that integrates medical records, connecting individuals and Doctors. New Zealand’s leading mobile and digital health management platform.

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An all in one website, allowing people to search for and connect with a wide range of doctors online, book hospital appointments, order lab tests and see the results.

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A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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A health-system integrator that allows medical organisations to communicate electronically, across Australia and New Zealand.

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Apps for both patients and Doctors. It offers people a personal health app to record their medical history and doctors an electronic health records system to book patient appointments.

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A platform for Americans to book and pay for video or phone medical appointments, zero co pay with most insurance plans.

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A large Indonesian site where people can ask a Doctor questions, buy medications, make a hospital appointment or book a medical appointment.

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A family Doctor to visit and diagnose common conditions, give first aid, do physical exams and administer health check ups.

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Offering two solutions, patient booking software for Doctors clinics, and a platform to help patients find Doctors.

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A secure network for connecting up health professionals and allowing them to share their patients data in a modern easy to use format. This increases the accuracy of data and reduces the errors of paper based records.

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Improving the ability for people to search for and find provider data, profiles, listings and reputation for private practices and hospitals, as well as providing online scheduling.

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Surgical Partners

Software that rolls up the myriad practice management systems used by surgeries across Australia and New Zealand.

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For surgeons, surgical assistants, practice managers, clinics and hospitals. Help with starting and scaling a medical business, and finding theatre staff.

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Patient Connector

Allowing General Practitioners and patients to access upfront information about specialist fees and waiting times.

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A platform to improve patient engagement and experience in hospitals and clinics.

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Nebula health

A medical practice marketing company, that also has an app to educate and inform patients.

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Medical Practice Management Software for General Practitioners, Allied Health and Specialist Doctors.

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A directory and booking app for appointments with medical clinics, dentists and allied health services.

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Mind the Gap

A database of what Australian Doctors are charging, their opening hours and convenience. The aim is to make healthcare more accountable like other consumer services.

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Practice management software for General Practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals and accident and emergency clinics.

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An Australia-wide medical directory and eReferral delivery system, stored in the cloud and able to integrate with major practice management software.

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An innovative structure able to fit into modern shopping centers and allow Doctors to see patients in a high tech environment.

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For both health care providers and patients, cloud based clinical and practice management, online appointments, patient app and check in kiosk. Integrates with major medical practice software.

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Software that connects health providers to payment systems like Medicare and HICAPS, allowing them to easily raise claims.

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Health Engine

A large site allowing people to search for Doctors, dentists and allied health professionals, then books appointments with them.

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Kalix is a telehealth, electronic medical records and practice management solution for Dietitians & Health Professionals.

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An electronic decision support system to help guide health professionals through clinical guideline pathways.

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A physician run company helping Doctors keep their practices independent.

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Buoy health

In 2 – 3 minutes this app can assess, triage and either give health advice or connect the user to the nearest Doctor.

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No waiting app

An online booking system, for patients to select and book medical appointments in hospitals, across India.

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Auto med systems

A kiosk and automated admission system, allowing patients to using self service for check ins, making payments and booking follow up appointments.

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App based appointment management and patient engagement software, for medical clinics.

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On demand primary care, via a smartphone app. No appointments, no waiting, 24/7 service from qualified Doctors.

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Home and online consultations, script renewal, specialist referrals, bulk billing where appropriate and online payments.

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Billing errors are identified before the bill is submitted, the engine updates any new rules automatically, the approval process is secure, accurate and affordable.

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Secure health chain

A group of medical doctors creating a blockchain solution, so that electronic health records can be accurately maintained and securely shared.

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Patient assistant tool

Pre screening questionnaire, nurse assessment checklists and medical care plans and summaries.

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LanternPay is an open cloud-based claim payment platform, designed to standardise claim payments across the health, care, disability, insurance and ageing sectors.

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A tech savvy, successful primary health care network spreading across rural, semi urban and urban India and giving people general, maternal, child, eye, telemedicine and pathology services.

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Cloud based medical clinic practice software – marketing, booking calendar, medical records and billing. All information available on mobile devices.

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A global clinic and electronic health records system, formally known as HealthKit.

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eClinical Works

Cloud based practice management software for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Services. Clinical documentation, practice management, population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management.

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Dr Chrono

Cloud based medical practice software that runs on any mobile device, collaborates with Apple and allows full clinical documentation on iPhone or iPad.

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Collaborate MD

A cloud based practice management and billing software for Doctors, focusing on getting claims accepted by medical insurers, reducing rejected claims and increasing payment cycle.

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Clinic to Cloud

A cloud platform for both general practitioners, medical specialists and allied health staff, offering access by desktop and mobile devices, patient engagement and data security.

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Best Practice

An established company selling a range of clinic software for General Practice, Specialties and Allied Health Services.

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INCA is short for integrated care. It is a comprehensive shared health record and care planning solution, connecting patients with Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.