Medical specialty: Ear, nose and throat

Ear, nose and throat

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A low cost, user friendly otoscope that connects to a smartphone, is fitted with an LED light and records high quality video footage of the ear and ear drum.

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Livio Edge

A self charging and Artificial Intelligence powered hearing aid, that learns and adapts to the users needs.

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A device designed to reduce the effects of tinnitus by using sound therapy.

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Listen lively

A FDA-approved hearing aid with high-quality natural sound and Bluetooth streaming.

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A device that turns a smartphone into a clinical-grade otoscope.

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A wireless device for people unable to have a cochlear implant. The external component has sound processing technology, while an implantable receiver would receive electrical data signals and use these to stimulate nerves in the cochlea.

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Hearing Savers

A site that sells a wide range of discounted hearing aids and is run by a qualified Audiologist.

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Hearables 3D

Using the True Depth camera on the iPhone, the ear is captured in high resolution. The scan is processed then 3D printers are used to create the customized in-ear device on-demand.

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Clear ears

A nurse run service removing ear wax using specialist micro suction curettage techniques, predominantly only used by ENT surgeons in Australia.

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Blamey Saunders Hears

Australian made hearing aids that are adjustable according to the current environment a wearer is in, via an easy to use app.

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Augmented Bionics

A non-surgical alternative to cochlear implants, that will wirelessly stimulate the hearing nerve of patients with severe to profound hearing loss.

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A clinically proven app that enables children’s hearing to be checked in any quiet place, efficiently and reliably.

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Bringing deaf people back into group conversations, using smartphones, voice to text and AI technology.