Medical specialty: Fertility, IVF

Fertility, IVF

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Genetic and disease data sets, helping women overcoming their infertility.

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Helping women make informed decisions about their fertility by providing personalized information on their health, hormones and menstrual cycles.

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All in one fertility treatments, assessments, egg freezing, IVF, women’s health, supplements and apps.

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Medical software that uses artificial intelligence to help Doctors identify healthy embryos for patients undergoing IVF.

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Harrison AI

A clinician-led healthcare company that is using Artificial Intelligence to help doctors evaluate which embryo candidate has the best chance of implantation into a patient.

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Eugene Labs

A digital genetic testing company, currently focusing on pre pregnancy testing.

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Trak fertility

Male fertility testing, done at home using disposable sperm testing kits.

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A genetic testing company focusing on pre pregnancy testing and including the risk factors for a wide range of ethnic communities.

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Easy and affordable male fertility testing with at home sperm testing kits.

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Home testing for presence of fertility hormones and early pregnancy to ensure women are fully aware of their fertility cycle.