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A platform that allows healthcare providers to keep families in the loop of their patients care. Families can receive regular updates of the patient’s progress, via messaging apps.

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A cloud platform that uses QR codes to allow people to update their medical records every time the go to a new clinic.

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This company uses blockchain technology to securely manage health records.

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A Chinese company normally producing agricultural drones and robots, is now producing robots designed to disinfectant hospitals.

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A robotic service that cleanings hospital rooms with large bursts of ultra violet light.

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A hospital cleaning system that uses robots and hydrogen peroxide vapour to kill dangerous bacturia and viruses like Covid 19.

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Around 6.4% of UK patients will end up with a hospital-acquired infection, the most common being C. difficile. Hospital rooms are full of awkward shaped objects that are difficult to clean using traditional methods.

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A communication app for health and social care workers allowing them to share medical text and images, securely.

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A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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A health-system integrator that allows medical organisations to communicate electronically, across Australia and New Zealand.

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A software company that is using chatbots to make patients journey through emergency departments less stressful.

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UVD Robots

A robot with ultra violet lights attached, that automatically cleans hospital areas in a safe and affordable manner.

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Tru D

Killing dangerous hospital acquired infections, using ultraviolet light.

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MUVi UV Cleaning

This company has developed ultraviolet light equipment that kills hospital infections in a safe and affordable manner.

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A global medical tech company that develops and manufactures a range of home monitoring devices and sensors.

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Cross technology solutions

An eHealth-platform for remote chronic care tracking, enabling proactive intervention. Moving the healthcare industry from calendar-based to individual care.

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Ride health

A company that partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers, to manage patient transport more effectively.

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Improving the ability for people to search for and find provider data, profiles, listings and reputation for private practices and hospitals, as well as providing online scheduling.

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Sotera wireless

Monitoring of hospital patients. Provides non invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and fall monitoring.

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Softbank Robotics

A company that creates companion robots for a range of industries.

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Hospital software to coordinate patients facing discharge, to ensure they get the right post acute care services and reduce their risk of readmissions.

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A wireless and contact-free detection system, that can monitor movement, falls risks and cardiac rhythms.

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Health Recovery Solutions

Giving aged care providers and clinics the software tools to coordinate care, bridge communication gaps and improve clinical outcomes.

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Allowing elderly people to book an uber or lyft ride without a smart phone app. Instead they just call a phone number from their land line or old fashion mobile phone.

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Massage for health professionals

A service organising on-site massages for hospitals staff. They coordinate with ward availability times, send out reminder texts to staff. A range of packages are available.

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Vitalic Medical

Hospitals are struggling with older patients who have complex and chronic diseases. A smart system can now identify patients are risk of deteriation.

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A platform that allows hospitals to directly hire registered nurses looking for extra shifts, without without going through the expensive middlemen services – nursing agencies.

Personify care

Helping hospitals and surgical centres map their pre-admission and post-op patient pathways. Reducing manual processing and time-consuming phone calls.

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A clinical task management app, allowing nurses to request a medical review for a patient, the doctor can respond and quickly access relevant patients data.

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A secure messaging system designed by Doctors for Doctors, that combines app security with clinically useful features.

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Miya MEMRe

An app that gives Doctors a snapshot of their caseload, allows them to be notified of critical issues and gives them access to comprehensive patient records and lets them communicate securely with other Doctors.

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Two medical grade apps, one for the management of medical on-call rosters and the other a flexible, patient survey tool.

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Roster software that is based around an ‘ideal’ staffing balance, rather than administrative concerns.

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A tag that contains no electronics and so, it is impervious to autoclave, gamma sterilisation, humidification, centrifuging and cryogenic storage .

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Medical Objects

Medical Objects Secure Messaging is a real-time, point to point technology that connects over 69,500 health professionals.

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Episoft Health

Hospital software that has specific packages for oncology, hepatitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and mental health services.

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Telstra Health

An Australian telecommunications company that owns a wide range of software products for hospitals, health services, pharmacy, aged and disability care sectors.

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Opaque health

A company that specialised in virtual reality, and creates tools for hospitals and nursing homes.

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Cloud based software for hospitals, making it easier to fill nursing shifts.

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Care Tech One

Personal advice on technology for health and aged care providers.

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A smartphone app for nurses and midwives.

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Circulation health

This easy-to-use platform gives hospitals and clinics the ability to order on-demand rides for their patients without the headache of paperwork. Rides can be booked as required or in advance. Patients are sent reminders. There is an average of 68% reduction in ‘no shows’.

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A secure platform that allows mobile phone based communication among both clinical staff and patients, services an be configured and automated to suit your needs.

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A patient engagement platform designed to give people admitted to hospital clear information about their conditions and treatments, in visual and auditory format.

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Secure health chain

A group of medical doctors creating a blockchain solution, so that electronic health records can be accurately maintained and securely shared.

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Luma health

A fluid, integrated clinic platform connecting patients and Doctors. Software includes scheduling, referral management, appointment reminders, care pathways, patient conversations, EHR integrations and analytics.

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Stratus Video

A large health focused interpreting company, offering teleconferencing, phone and face to face interpreters to 1,900 hospitals across the USA.

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Ward medication management

A team of clinical pharmacists who are experts in medicine for older people, helping to reduce the risk of medication-related harm.

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Hospital software designed specifically for bedside nurses, to improve efficiency, reduce paperwork and free up nursing time for bedside patient care.