Medical specialty: Intensive Care

Intensive Care

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Ventech Life Systems

A portable ventilator that combines ventilation, oxygen, cough, suction and nebulization services in one device, and allows the users to switch between services.

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A low cost, portable ventilator that is designed for developing countries. It provides the functions of a normal ventilator, and can connect via Bluetooth, at a much lower cost than traditional ventilators.

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A device designed for people on ventilators that simulates a normal cough, clearing phlegm from a patient’s airways.

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AgVa healthcare

A low cost and cost efficient ventilator, driven by a smartphone or smart tablet, syncs to the ventilator via bluetooth.

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An implantable monitor, home smart devices and cloud-based monitoring.

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ClearSight System

A non invasive way of monitoring stroke volume, cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance and continuous blood pressure.

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Caretaker Medical

A range of devices including a wrist and finger monitor, to monitor continuous non invasive blood pressure, heart rate comparable to a 3 lead ECG,blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, core body temperature, end tidal Co2, cardiac output and stroke volume.

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Navi Medical Technologies

A medical device that uses electrical signals to help doctors correctly position central lines, so that medicines can be given to critically ill newborns.

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A boimpedance spectroscopy device that accurately and noninvasively measure a patient’s total body water, extracellular and intracellular fluid volumes. Useful for chronic disease management and patients undergoing complex treatments.

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Intensive care at home

A 24/7 home Intensive Care Service for people with a tracheostomy, who are ventilator dependent.