Medical specialty: Nurses

Shift notes, patient load management, surgical planning notes, rosters and staffing, education, lifting equipment.

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A communication app for health and social care workers allowing them to share medical text and images, securely.

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Life Circle

A subscription based home care service in India, offering both registered nurses and carers.

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A platform that allows hospitals to directly hire registered nurses looking for extra shifts, without without going through the expensive middlemen services – nursing agencies.

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A platform matching nurses and carers with positions available across Australia.

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A smartphone app for nurses and midwives.

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Patient assistant tool

Pre screening questionnaire, nurse assessment checklists and medical care plans and summaries.

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eClinical Works

Cloud based practice management software for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Services. Clinical documentation, practice management, population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management.

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Search for work via profession and skills, check location, wages and start dates then apply direct to hospitals.

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Swift Medical

Touchless 3D measurement of wounds, assessing size and depth. The data is synced to a smartphone then sent to cloud records.

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A smart phone app that can photograph a wound, analyse it, upload the image to the cloud and help monitor the healing progress.

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Designed by clinicians to serve rural and remote Australian communities, MMEx takes a patient-centric approach.

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Gauss surgical

An ipad app that estimates delivery room blood loss, for much more accurate assessment of patients risks and need for infusions.

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Hospital software designed specifically for bedside nurses, to improve efficiency, reduce paperwork and free up nursing time for bedside patient care.

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Software that allows nurses to swap hospital shifts easily among their colleagues, reducing the need for external agency staff.