Medical specialty: Nursing homes

Smart monitoring, care plans, admissions, billing, monitoring, communication tools, in house wellness programs, gerontology specific services, end of life documentation, falls risks.

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Telstra Health

An Australian telecommunications company that owns a wide range of software products for hospitals, health services, pharmacy, aged and disability care sectors.

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Smart, disposable diapers that can sync to a central nurses platform. Modern day incontinence management for aged and disability residents.

aged care physiotherapy

Healthcare Australia

An Australia wide provider of allied health services to residential, aged and disability service providers.

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Opaque health

A company that specialised in virtual reality, and creates tools for hospitals and nursing homes.

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A platform matching nurses and carers with positions available across Australia.

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A small, desktop device that converts solid dose medications into a pleasant tasting liquid, that is easy to swallow.

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Mirus Australia

Software for aged care providers, covering business marketing, staff rosters, government compliance and revenue management.

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A workflow management solution for people working in the disability and aged-care sector, build on the Salesforce platform. Formerly Enrite Care.

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Lenexa medical

Smart sheets to identify people at risk of developing pressure ulcers and therefore preventing them from becoming expensive and devastating problems.

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Leecare Solutions

A modular system for nursing home providers, offering the full range software services to assess, care, implement and evaluate aged care services.

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A platform hosting courses for aged care workers, to ensure facilities meet their staff compliance guidelines.

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Software for residential aged care, retirement villages, home and disability care.

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Specialised general medical practice clinics specifically focusing on aged care.

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Five good friends

Home monitoring technology for the elderly, and people with disabilities, promoted by Ita Buttrose

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A blockchain based social networking style platform for both residential care owners and older people in the community.

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Tablet software for elderly people, a dashboard for aged care providers and software connecting to ‘Pepper’ a companion robot.

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Advice on choosing the best aged care services for people’s individual needs.

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Advice on the best aged care services.

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Care Tech One

Personal advice on technology for health and aged care providers.

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Aged Care Crisis

A community website offering education, research and public debate about sub standard aged care services.

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Ward medication management

A team of clinical pharmacists who are experts in medicine for older people, helping to reduce the risk of medication-related harm.

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Care Konnect

Residents, carers and families can post to a newsfeed, connected people can message each other.