Medical specialty: Pathology

Portable blood testing kits, AI to guide diagnosis, liquid biopsy.

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Jana care

A small device that fits into a smartphone and allows blood samples to be tested.

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A small, wireless blood testing machine that checks PT and INR levels for people on anticoagulation medication like warfarin.

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Cardio Explorer test

A blood test and the completion of a questionnaire are all that is required to carry out the Cardio Explorer test.

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Testing PT/INR levels with a hand held device and finger prick of blood.

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My Health Test

A home pathology service for Australians You can order the kit online, post it back to the lab and receive your results online.

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A fast, reliable image hosting website where pathologist can share their images, view those uploaded from around the world and learn from their peers.

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A small desktop device, small cartridges, a drop of blood and a smartphone app.