Medical specialty: Booking medical appointments

Includes triage services and booking medical appointments, both face to face and online.

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An app that connects patients and Doctors using a telemedicine portal. They manage bookings, payments and secure video conferencing.

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An all in one website, allowing people to search for and connect with a wide range of doctors online, book hospital appointments, order lab tests and see the results.

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The patient app includes an artificial intelligence driven symptom checker, searchable content and online access to Doctors via telemedicine.

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Apps for both patients and Doctors. It offers people a personal health app to record their medical history and doctors an electronic health records system to book patient appointments.

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A platform for Americans to book and pay for video or phone medical appointments, zero co pay with most insurance plans.

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A large Indonesian site where people can ask a Doctor questions, buy medications, make a hospital appointment or book a medical appointment.

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China’s largest health internet resource connecting people to a large range of doctors, medical, pharmacy and health service.

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An Indian telemedicine service, allowing people to connect with general and specialist doctors using Video, Phone and Chat

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A leading telehealth provider across Malaysia, providing a one stop platform for a wide range of medical and health services.

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Offering two solutions, patient booking software for Doctors clinics, and a platform to help patients find Doctors.

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Using artificial intelligence and over 500 data points per Doctor, to match up patients and health professionals.

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A site that enables people to see doctors’ available appointment times, make informed choices with verified reviews and book instantly online.

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Beam health

Beam is an online marketplace where patients can discover medical services that use telemedicine, and Doctors can quickly and easily sign up to reach patients using telemedicine services.

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Patient Connector

Allowing General Practitioners and patients to access upfront information about specialist fees and waiting times.

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Telemedicine and phone call consultations with General Doctors, Psychologists and Medical specialists. Service run by Telstra.

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Quick access to basic medical services in a convenient and affordable manner.

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A directory and booking app for appointments with medical clinics, dentists and allied health services.

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A telemedicine company that was founded in 2012 by Dr Ben Hurst, who saw the opportunity to streamline how GPs and patients communicate.

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Health Engine

A large site allowing people to search for Doctors, dentists and allied health professionals, then books appointments with them.

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Doctors on Demand

Australian Registered Doctors, providing Online Consultations, Medical Certificates and Prescriptions.


A medical specialist telehealth service designed for people in rural Australia. It offers general and specialist Doctors as well as nurses.

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A directory and telemedicine service to access Doctors, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, dentists and Chiropractors.

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Working with private insurers to give their members faster and more efficient medical advice.

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For remote medical advice, people can download the app and make a call to a Doctor.

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A text and telemedicine platform that helps connect Doctors and patients, easily and quickly. Instant chat access to a dedicated physician, with no time limits attached.

Chinese Doctor

A directory of Chinese Doctors and Dentists practicing in Australia.

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Buoy health

In 2 – 3 minutes this app can assess, triage and either give health advice or connect the user to the nearest Doctor.

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Brazil Telemedicine

A suit of mobile smart medical services inc telemedicine, labs and pharmacy, delivering medical care to remote areas of Brazil.

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No waiting app

An online booking system, for patients to select and book medical appointments in hospitals, across India.

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Bisa app

An African telemedicine app, available in both the Ghanaian Twi language and French.

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Air Doctor

An app matching overseas travellers with recommended general and specialist Doctors.

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Home and online consultations, script renewal, specialist referrals, bulk billing where appropriate and online payments.

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Download the app, pay upfront and receive medical, psychiatric or wellness health services.

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Steady MD

An internet based medical service, connecting patients to Doctors who share their own interests, then maintaining an ongoing relationship via subscription based medicine.



A personal companion style app that answer health related questions, and guide users down clinical pathways.

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Dr Safe Hands

Lab tests for sexually transmitted diseases, pre marriage tests, female clinics for periods, fertility, pregnancy and menopause, fertility testing for men, LGBTQUI and male specific clinics.

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A medical booking, payment and telehealth platform for Australians.

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Babylon Health

Britain’s leading digital healthcare app that uses artificial  intelligence to triage, assess and refer people to the most appropriate medical service.