Medical specialty: Medical and social records

Medical records, social media, sharing health information with medical staff, carers and family. Also contributing to academic research.

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A virtual personal assistant app helping people to monitor their health for both prevention and treatment of disease.

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An app allowing people to manage their own health data and get personalized insights, while contributing to global research.

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Snug Health

A health app that stores people’s medical history, thair family details and data from smart devices, all in one place.

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Helping people take control of their medical history, by making it available on their smartphone in a secure and anonymised form.

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Care App

A private network for patients, chosen family and care team.

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A platform where personal health data can be uploaded, stored and shared only with people given permission. Currently working with cancer patients.

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Backpack Health

A platform offering electronic health records for individuals, and the chance to anonymously share health data with researchers, improving special diseases treatment options.