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A nanopatch system delivering needle free vaccinations. Currently under research and development.

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Pharmacy software that allows pharmacies to store, retrieve and categorise paper pharmacy scripts, via the cloud.

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Tracking medication use of patients, to prevent errors, polypharmacy and unnecessary costs.

Perx Health

An app that used gamification to reward compliance with medication treatments.

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A solution for counterfeit medications, this company has product-integrated supply chain monitoring and anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical drugs.

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A company that provides secure electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) for health professionals, keeping medical information safe and accurate.

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A pharmacy app for patients, listing their current scripts, giving reminders when scripts are due to be renewed, offering a one tap refill of current scripts and giving high quality medication advice.

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Dispensary, networking and a national database monitoring the dispensing of drugs.

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eRx Script Exchange

A national ehealth script solution connected to 90% of Australian pharmacies, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

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CNS dose

Software that uses genetic information from patients to help guide more accurate drug dosing regimes.

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A small, desktop device that converts solid dose medications into a pleasant tasting liquid, that is easy to swallow.

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Ward medication management

A team of clinical pharmacists who are experts in medicine for older people, helping to reduce the risk of medication-related harm.

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A service saving Americans millions of dollars in pharmacy bills, by providing both a list and map of drug prices, searchable by brand name. It also offers a range of discount services.