Medical specialty: Physiotherapy

Clinic software, smart rehabilitation products, off site consultations, remote monitoring.

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Cyberdyne systems

A range of robotic exoskeletons that help rehabilitate people with spinal cord injuries, as well as prevent work back injuries by providing extra support.

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AC health app

A platform for physiotherapists and occupational therapists, that allows them to record their personalized instructions through video and other medium, to deliver the highest quality of remote care. Replacing stick figure drawings with high quality and informative multimedia.

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Practice management software for allied health professionals. Features including calendars, invoicing, reports, case notes, letter writing and other add ons.

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Keeping patients in the loop in between physiotherapy sessions with activities, multimedia and personalised programs.

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A small smart device that can hook into any rehab equipment, and measure the generated force during exercises.

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A female physiotherapist, with her own chatbot app, guiding people towards the best care for their needs. Her aims are to show people how physiotherapy can help manage and prevent injuries.

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Owner health

A mobile physiotherapy and podiatrist service, visiting people across Australia in their own homes.

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An app that is purpose built specifically for the physiotherapy industry, designed to lower the cost and streamline the process in finding and filling locum shifts.

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Making brain rehabilitation therapy more fun and engaging using Virtual Reality tools.

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Kalix is a telehealth, electronic medical records and practice management solution for Dietitians & Health Professionals.

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A practice management system for clinics and allied health professionals.

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Becon Health

A company teaching allied health, psychologists and social workers business skills – how to find clients, grow their businesses and take control of the referral process.

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Access to nutritionists and fitness trainers, individualised fitness programs, tracking progress via an app.

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Cliniq Apps

Analytics of medical records, identifying individual needs and automated communication tools to help delivered patient centered care.

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A complete patient engagement platform for both patients and physiotherapy clinics.