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Meditation, fitness, diet, supplements.

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An app that provides personalised mental training and support for both community sports performers and professional athletes.

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A large company that produces smart wearable devices including watches that offer health tracking and wellness outcomes.

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A digital health and fitness subscription service that combines one-on-one mobile personal coaching and fitness tracking technology.

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A range of smart watches, bracelet trackers, bathroom scales and apps at monitor health metrics.

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At home testing and clinical analysis, this company offers a personalised approach to wellness therapies.

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Pro health

Helping people manage chronic disease with information about vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Giving people information about vitamin and mineral supplements. Expert reviews, price transparency and buyer feedback.

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A company that produces a range of quality, health monitoring devices that record metrics and sync data to an app.

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A taylored range of workouts from high intensity to post pregnancy. Includes meal planning and general health advice.

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Open Health

An evidence-based, tailored online comprehensive lifestyle change program, designed to tackle everything from high blood pressure to obesity and stress using peer support and personalised feedback.

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Lark Health

A combination of artificial intelligence backed fitness coaching and integrated smart monitoring devices.

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Access to nutritionists and fitness trainers, individualised fitness programs, tracking progress via an app.

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A large online community and store promoting alternative treatments for wellness and especially for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and lyme disease.

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An online shop that sells a wide range of herbal, homeopathic treatments as well as general home and beauty products.