Medical specialty: Women's health

Women’s health

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Genetic and disease data sets, helping women overcoming their infertility.

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Temp pal

A small, wearable temperature monitor that sends data to a smartphone app.

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Helping women make informed decisions about their fertility by providing personalized information on their health, hormones and menstrual cycles.

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A personal pregnancy coach, symptom checker and digital check-up for pregnant women.

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A handheld device that enables health professionals to easily perform colposcopies, sexual assault assessments and gynecologic examinations.

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The Skeeper is a small hand held consumer device that monitors both fetal and maternal heart rates.

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All in one fertility treatments, assessments, egg freezing, IVF, women’s health, supplements and apps.

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A self-management tracking tool to help individuals holistically manage endometriosis. It works by logging the pain triggers, giving a holistic way to manage pain.

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A taylored range of workouts from high intensity to post pregnancy. Includes meal planning and general health advice.

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A discreet wearable device that use electrical pulse therapy to stop period pain.

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Online antenatal classes, run by midwives to help prepare women for childbirth and postpartum issues. Topics include exercises to prepare your body, understanding labor, pain management, medical intervention and the different stages of labor.


A virtual clinic dedicated to women’s and family health issues.

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The first app dedicated to breastfeeding and maternity. It is free for mothers, available in Spanish and English and offers customised content.

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Two smart devices and an app specifically for women’s issues. A silent, wearable breast pump to express milk at work, and a monitor to help maximise the effectiveness of pelvic floor exercises, reducing risk of incontinence after birth.

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A home Kegel exerciser system, to help women strengthen pelvic floor muscles and reduce incontinence post pregnancy.

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Home testing for presence of fertility hormones and early pregnancy to ensure women are fully aware of their fertility cycle.