NHS sold off in UK private healthcare move

The British National Health Service (NHS), long held up as a shining example of a cost effective model of healthcare, is being ‘put up for tender’. And as in Australia, public debate or rigorous cost analysis in inadequate. Many Brits don’t even realise they are in the middle of a transformation from public to private healthcare system.

The NHS currently costs half the American privatised health system (per person) to run and provides better results on disease prevention and life expectancy rates. However, the health industry contains powerful health lobby groups. Healthcare is one of the most profitable industries in the western world. Governments appear to think that privation can deal with unpleasant issues like rising costs and industry wide resistance to reform. The Australian experience has shown otherwise.

Australian problems with private healthcare are now being raised in Britain. Wikihospitals has recently been quoted in one of the UK’s largest news blog, 4bitnews.

The secrecy in many private UK hospitals about their actual safety standards is being questioned by the media. 4bitnews has also questioned the billions of pounds wasted in setting up ‘open marketplaces’ where public and private providers can bid for tenders. Nearly 60% of NHS health contracts went to private providers in 2013. It has been revealed that MacMillion; a cancer charity has ploughed £867,000 into tendering process.

A National Health Action Party has been formed, raising money from subscriptions to try and block this privatisation bonanza. And British doctors have even taken to uTube, to raise the alarm. Watch ‘Sell off – NHS new trailer’.

Obama Care is still struggling to providing safe, affordable healthcare. As the Daily Beast explains, patients can’t find any information cost or quality. One of the many secrets about private health care is the level of subcontracting. In the USA, 60% of emergency doctors work ‘out of network’ and that leaves even well insurance patients with no coverage for their emergency bills. Taking out health insurance is rendered completely irrelevant as many newly insured Americans are finding out.

As an article in Forbes points out for most Americans, the largest bill they will ever get in their lifetime… is from a (private) hospital.

The only way to deal with with the disaster of privatised healthcare, is with big data and disruptive innovation. Urber, Airbnb, peer 2 peer lending…

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