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Informed mindset medical

A cloud platform that uses QR codes to allow people to update their medical records every time the go to a new clinic.

patient education


A free app allowing patients to record their Doctors appointments, making it easier to understand medical jargon, their diagnosis and prescribed treatments.

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An online healthcare marketplace, allowing patients to compare prices and buy online.

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An app that connects patients and Doctors using a telemedicine portal. They manage bookings, payments and secure video conferencing.

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An app that integrates medical records, connecting individuals and Doctors. New Zealand’s leading mobile and digital health management platform.

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An app that makes pharmacy medications much easier to manage. Users can scan their pill bottles, receive automatic reminders for refills, receive home delivery of medications and find the cheaper way to buy medications.

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A communication app for health and social care workers allowing them to share medical text and images, securely.

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Apps for both patients and Doctors. It offers people a personal health app to record their medical history and doctors an electronic health records system to book patient appointments.

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Helping women make informed decisions about their fertility by providing personalized information on their health, hormones and menstrual cycles.

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A personal pregnancy coach, symptom checker and digital check-up for pregnant women.

GUT, gastroenterology, bowel

Oshi health

A multidisciplinary care team (including gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, mental health professionals, health coaches and care coordinators) to help people dealing with GUT disorders.

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An app to help people improve their GUT health, food diaries, personalised programs and access to dietetians.

indian woman, smartphone, india


India’s first approved digital therapeutic app to manage diabetes.

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A range of engaging and transformative apps, to help people manage chronic disease.

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An app to help people going through cancer treatment to manage their symptoms and take more control of their health.

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Better therapeutics

A software company that creates FDA regulated apps to help with the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

downs syndrome, disabilities, pediatrics


Enabling children and adults with severe speech impairments to communicate clearly.

boxing, sports, head injury, neurology, acquired brain injury

Head check health

Guiding non-medical staff through concussion protocoles and injury reports in a quick effecient manner.

sports man, wellness, fitness, black man


An app that provides personalised mental training and support for both community sports performers and professional athletes.

healthy food, dietitian


The app provides advice on healthy recipes, connects with the staff canteen to ensure healthy meals are served and provides a healthy shopping online shopping service.

obese girl, dietitian, diabetes


A range of dietitian programs for people with specific needs. Combining apps with a multi team approach. Currently working with the NHS to manage chronic conditions in the community.

health coach, dietitian, wellness, fitness

Second nature

A 12 week habit change program, that helps people lose weight by targeting their mindset rather than their weight.

healthy food, dietitian


Helping people lose weight using scientific principles, analysing foods and tailoring programs to individual needs.

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Liva healthcare

Digital behaviour change programmes that include personal coaching, group support, goal tracking and education.

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A family friendly program that combines health coaching with easy to understand nutritional plans.

Listings healthy diet


Personalised nutrition plans based on blood cholesterol levels, current fitness activity and general health goals.

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A search engine for finding America’s best addiction recovery centers, based on users location, requirements and insurance plans.

drug and alcohol, addiction


A new service that connects people with addiction problems to a recovery coach, allowing them access to quality support 24/7.

medical bills, medical insurance


Helping Americans simplify all their out of network medical bills claims, via an app.

skin cancer, dermatology, doctor, skin


A smartphone app that helps people photograph skin moles and lesions.

toothbrush, dentistry

Beam Dental

A dental benefits company that combines smart toothbrushes with financial rewards for regular teeth brushing.

gym, amputee, fitness, physiotherapy,


A digital health and fitness subscription service that combines one-on-one mobile personal coaching and fitness tracking technology.


Cardiac rhythm check using a smartphone or fitbit device.

indian family, doctors clinic, pediatrics


A wide range of medical specialists, with a waiting time less than 30 minutes able to talk to patients via a mobile device and assess their issues.

Listings, ECG, EKG, cardiology


ECG monitoring using a smartphone and app.

Blog, obesity, dieticians


A company that produces a range of quality, health monitoring devices that record metrics and sync data to an app.

urine test, urology, urinary tract infection


A home or aged care facility urine testing kit, people dipstick the urine then use a smartphone camera to confirm the results.

aged care playing scrabble, nursing homes, elders activities


A test that allows both health professionals and individuals to assesses for early risks of developing dementia.

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ACE mobile

An app version of a standard neurological exam called the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination.

Listings, women's health, period pain


A self-management tracking tool to help individuals holistically manage endometriosis. It works by logging the pain triggers, giving a holistic way to manage pain.

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A taylored range of workouts from high intensity to post pregnancy. Includes meal planning and general health advice.

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Scrub Up

A practical & user friendly digital surgical platform, that can customised to meet the needs of surgical suites, operating rooms and day surgery units.

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Patient Connector

Allowing General Practitioners and patients to access upfront information about specialist fees and waiting times.

Wellness and fitness, running, sport


An app that tracks employees mental and physical health, offers weekly check ins, goal setting and a range of articles and videos on healthy lifestyles.

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An Employee Assistance Program that uses an an app to communication with company staff, offering early assessments, skills development, coaching and support and face to face therapy.

black dog, depression, pets

The Black Dog Institute

An app that allows Australian adults to measure and monitor factors that influence their mental health.

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Smiling Mind

An app aimed at helping young people to spend ten minutes a day on mindfulness and meditation.

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Mood Mission

An evidence-based app, designed to help people overcome feelings of depression and anxiety, by discovering new and better ways of coping.

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Cyber Clinic

An app that uses algorithms to connect users with the most appropriate mental health services, for their needs