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Artificial intelligence

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A virtual personal assistant app helping people to monitor their health for both prevention and treatment of disease.

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An artificial intelligence platform to improve the interpretation of dental computed tomography images.

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An artificial intelligence platform designed to speed up drug discovery, biomarker identification, research and development.

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a predictive analytics and risk management software

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Speech technology centre

A wide range of speech and facial recognition technologies, for use in government and healthcare industries.

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Care Mentor AI

Artificial intelligence software to improve accuracy and diagnosis times for radiology.

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Third opinion

Artificial intelligence to provide more accurate diagnosis, closer monitoring and remote area care, at lower cost.

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A platform that can improve the time taken to assess radiology scans, using mathematical models and artificial intelligence.

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A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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The patient app includes an artificial intelligence driven symptom checker, searchable content and online access to Doctors via telemedicine.

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Using artificial intelligence and over 500 data points per Doctor, to match up patients and health professionals.

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An app allowing people to manage their own health data and get personalized insights, while contributing to global research.

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India’s first approved digital therapeutic app to manage diabetes.

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An Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic system to quickly and accurately diagnose diabetic retinopathy, before it causes blindness.

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This company develops state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software to analyze patient health, and help support healthcare personnel when triaging patients.

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A behavioural change approach to health this company uses an app, artificial intelligence and personal coaching, to encourage weight loss and increased fitness.

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A smartphone app that helps people photograph skin moles and lesions.

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Using algorithms, computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to provide mobile tools to help with acne issues.

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A company using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to improve diagnosis, practice management and the quality of suppliers in the dental industry.

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A complete AI decision tool for echocardiography. Studies that require a half hour to measure and reach conclusions, can now take seconds.

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Cross technology solutions

An eHealth-platform for remote chronic care tracking, enabling proactive intervention. Moving the healthcare industry from calendar-based to individual care.

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A suit of software that provides automated solutions for detecting cardiovascular disease. Echocardiogram images are automatically sent for analysis, artificial intelligence assists in identifying suspected heart disease, then reports are sent back within minutes.

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A smart stethoscope that easily records and compare heart, lung and other body sounds.

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This app allows people to manage their prescriptions, request home delivery and synchronize all their health data in real time. and order refills.

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A planning tool that creates a personalized, digital 3D model of the arteries.

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Cardio Explorer test

A blood test and the completion of a questionnaire are all that is required to carry out the Cardio Explorer test.


Cloud based heart murmur detection software that uses artificial intelligence to assess sounds from digital stethoscopes.

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Using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to transform medical learning and development.

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A medical grade cardiac diagnosis engine drawing on a large database of cardiac recordings.


A smart sensor to monitor elderly people. It sits on the wall and continuously scans the home environment and will alert a nominated person if a fall occurs.


An established company, providing monitored assistive technology and alerts to vulnerable people living in their own homes.

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An accurate, accessible and affordable test for cognitive screening for diseases like dementia.

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A cognitive health program to help people maintain their memory and mental agility, and reduce the risk of future decline.

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Helping people with chronic conditions using an intelligent, artificial intelligence and voice engagement app.

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Avalon AI

An AI based platform looking to build a highly accurate brain degeneration predictor, using radiology scans

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Aiva health

A voice powered AI program that runs through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexis, giving healthcare advice and analytics.

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The company draws on data from wearable devices, sensors, biomarkers and app based feedback, uses artificial intelligence to provide insights into stress related issues like poor sleep and decreased activity.

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Maxwell Plus

Using Artificial Intelligence to streamline the assessment of prostate cancer and make the diagnosis more accurate.

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Medical software that uses artificial intelligence to help Doctors identify healthy embryos for patients undergoing IVF.

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Harrison AI

A clinician-led healthcare company that is using Artificial Intelligence to help doctors evaluate which embryo candidate has the best chance of implantation into a patient.

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A home based smart hub that syncs to wearable devices and sensors, learns people’s movements and daily routine then gives reminders and if necessary, alerts families and emergency services.

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Falls protection technology, keeping people safer in the home.

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Lark Health

A combination of artificial intelligence backed fitness coaching and integrated smart monitoring devices.

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Sleep Cycle

It uses the recording ability of a smartphone to listen to your sleep patterns, analyze the results and display analytics.

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Oura Ring

This elegant ring measures temperature, heart rate, position, movement then syncs the data to an smartphone app.

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Using the microphone in a smartphone and cloud based analytics, to help diagnose pneumonia, asthma, bronchiolitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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A wearable patch monitors choughs and respiratory rate, the data is synced to a smartphone app then sent to a cloud portal, when it is monitored for showing signs of an asthma attack.

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Project inner Eye

Artificial intelligence increasing the accuracy of radiology scans used in the staging and treatment of cancer.

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Collecting information from smart devices then analysing the sucess of treatments, to help improve mental health outcomes.