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Population health, global disease monitoring, genetic analysis, epidemiology.

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A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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An app allowing people to manage their own health data and get personalized insights, while contributing to global research.

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Deep Lens

An artificial intelligence based company focused on enabling faster recruitment of the best-suited cancer patients, for clinical trials at the time of diagnosis.

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COTA Healthcare

Cloud software that analyzes real-world evidence and deliver clinically relevant insights directly to Doctors computers.

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This app allows people to manage their prescriptions, request home delivery and synchronize all their health data in real time. and order refills.

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Individuals brains are ‘mapped’, information is uploaded to a cloud database where the information is matched against a large pool of data, and an accurate assessment of brain current function is given.

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Providing data and predictive analytics for population health providers, to help them understand ‘non-medical’ ways to improved health outcomes.

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A platform where personal health data can be uploaded, stored and shared only with people given permission. Currently working with cancer patients.

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Using objective data to aid in the early detection and treatment of mental health conditions.

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JKM Care solutions

Early warning signs of Emergency delays, real time information on bed occupancy rates and coordinated admissions and discharges.