Product type: Diagnostic tools

Diagnostic tools

urine test, urology, urinary tract infection


Order a testcard online, pull back the test strip, dip in urine, then photograph the results, using a smartphone camera.

urinal, urology, urine, bladder


A device that measures urination in the toilet, syncs the results to a smartphone app and emails relevant health services.

helicopter, emergency, trauma


A portable and wearable device, that will be able to measure the brain’s electrical activity, and sync the data to a smartphone app.

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Sleep Cycle

It uses the recording ability of a smartphone to listen to your sleep patterns, analyze the results and display analytics.

respiratory, asthma, doctor


Using the microphone in a smartphone and cloud based analytics, to help diagnose pneumonia, asthma, bronchiolitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Listings, respiratory, lungs, asthma


A wearable patch monitors choughs and respiratory rate, the data is synced to a smartphone app then sent to a cloud portal, when it is monitored for showing signs of an asthma attack.

Listings, stress, psychiatry,


Using objective data to aid in the early detection and treatment of mental health conditions.

Listings, radiology

Project inner Eye

Artificial intelligence increasing the accuracy of radiology scans used in the staging and treatment of cancer.

Listings, ultrasound

Think sono

Ultrasound diagnostics just using a probe and smartphone, backed by artificial intelligence based software to assist with diagnosis.

Listings, hearing aids, ear nose and throat, deafness


A clinically proven app that enables children’s hearing to be checked in any quiet place, efficiently and reliably.

Blog, pathology blood tests


A small desktop device, small cartridges, a drop of blood and a smartphone app.

ophthalmology, eye exam

D Eye

Turning a smartphone into an ophthalmoscope, that can record and transmit high definition, medical grade images.

radiology, CT scan


Brain scanning that looks at cerebral blood flow. qSPECT (quantitative single-photon emission computed tomography) is a type of nuclear imaging test that uses a radioactive substance and a special camera, to create 3D pictures of the brain.

The PKG system

This wrist-worn device can help provide much better tracking and analytics of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease. The device continuously collects detailed information on precise movement changes, and produces a detailed report for the Doctor and patient.

Listings, sleep, smart watch


Wearable devices that link to cloud based software, able to accurately diagnose and help manage a wide range of epilepsy conditions.

mens health

Trak fertility

Male fertility testing, done at home using disposable sperm testing kits.

Blog, obesity, dieticians


A boimpedance spectroscopy device that accurately and noninvasively measure a patient’s total body water, extracellular and intracellular fluid volumes. Useful for chronic disease management and patients undergoing complex treatments.

Listing, bacteria


A new range of digital diagnostic products – home kits for families to test for influenza, hand held devices for Doctors to test for Flu A+B, RSV and Group A Strep, and mobile pathology kits for field workers to test for TB.

Listings, genetics, DNA


A genetic testing company focusing on pre pregnancy testing and including the risk factors for a wide range of ethnic communities.

Listings, genetics, dna

Halogen health

Individual health plans that include genetic testing, family history and lifestyle factors.

Listings, abdomen pain, gastroenterology


A swallowable capsule, that can measure gases in the GUT. Cheap, small, non invasive and able to provide accurate data.

Listings, baby, father, brazil man


Easy and affordable male fertility testing with at home sperm testing kits.

Listing, pregnancy testing


Home testing for presence of fertility hormones and early pregnancy to ensure women are fully aware of their fertility cycle.

Listings, hearing aids


An attachment to a smartphone that easily turns it into a clinical-grade otoscope.

Listings, ECG, EKG, cardiology


A smart phone attachment that allows people to take a medical grade ECG/EKG at home.