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Oncotype IQ

A genomic test to predict a patient’s risk of recurrence and individual benefits from chemotherapy.

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Nebula genomics

Affordable whole genome sequencing, decoding 100% of individuals DNA and producing 10,000 more times data.

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A blood test that uses DNA sequencing to identify over 1,000 clinically relevant pathogens, bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi, and parasites.

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Genome Medical

A company helping people find the right genetic test, for their particular health problem.

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A genetic test to assess the effectiveness of psychotropic medications on individuals.

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Clear Genetics

Genetic testing software for Doctors, that makes it easy to manage and support this patient group.

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Atlas Biomed

Home DNA tests that will give information on family history and individual human biome.

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23 and me

A home DNA testing company that provides limited home DNA tests.

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Pioneering the development of new “liquid biopsy” tests to help doctors individualise cancer diagnostics & treatment options.

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GMDx analyses a Whole Genome Sequence from any laboratory source and provides a comprehensive genomic profile.

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Eugene Labs

A digital genetic testing company, currently focusing on pre pregnancy testing.

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A genetic testing company focusing on pre pregnancy testing and including the risk factors for a wide range of ethnic communities.