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Internet of things

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Medical technology service designed to service rural areas. Include a patient walk-in clinic equipped with diagnostic devices, rural clinics operated by trained technicians, outreach services and telemedicine consultations.

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Temp pal

A small, wearable temperature monitor that sends data to a smartphone app.

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A handheld device that enables health professionals to easily perform colposcopies, sexual assault assessments and gynecologic examinations.

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A small bowel capsule endoscope system that takes 360 degree of the small bowel.

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A small wearable device that sits on the skin and continuously monitors blood glucose levels.

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Smart socks that continuously track temperature changes, to closely monitor the feet of diabetics

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A blood glucose meter with pain-free lancets that attaches to a smartphone case. Data is synced to an app that gives encouragement and rewards.

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A SmartMat that monitors diabetics feet and then alerts both the user and health team, when a problem is identified.

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A smart blood glucose meter with easy to use settings and a smartphone app that records data and enables it to be shared.

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A small wearable and waterproof device that can deliver continuously insulin for up to 72 hours

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My Dario

A smart blood glucose meter that combines lancets and strips, then syncs the data to a smartphone app.

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Jana care

A small device that fits into a smartphone and allows blood samples to be tested.

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A small handheld device that combines lancing and blood collection in a single package.

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A smart accessory clip that attaches to an existing insulin pen, and automatically starts counting the time since the last injection.

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A wireless stethoscope that used artificial intelligence to diagnose respiratory diseases.

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A hand-held breath analysis device that helps people understand what are the best foods for them to eat.

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A low cost, user friendly otoscope that connects to a smartphone, is fitted with an LED light and records high quality video footage of the ear and ear drum.

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Beta Bionics

A public benefit corporation working in the diabetes space, building an automatic pancreatic device.

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Tracking the insulin dose used, temperature of drug and type of insulin used and sending that information to a smartphone app, via bluetooth.

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Track inhaler usage, techniques, effectiveness of medications and share information with Doctor and family.

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Central platform with an algorithm-based decision support system, analyzing relevant diabetes data and helping Doctors deliver the most appropriate treatments.

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A data analytics program allowing Doctors to remotely monitor their patients blood glucose levels, using data from their smartphone apps.


Provides continuous blood glucose monitoring for up to 90 days, data syncs to a smartphone app for real-time diabetes monitoring.

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A small sensor sits under the skin, transmittes blood glucose levels to a smartphone app that records the readings and recommends appropriate action.

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Contour next one

A smart blood glucose monitor that uses a light coloured system to give easy to follow directions about blood glucose readings


A primary care practice (also called concierge medicine) of top-rated doctors, using technology to providing in-depth preventive care at home or in-person.

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A small wearable sensor that attaches to the skin, syncs to a smart phone and guides better management of diabetes.

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Bigfoot biomedical

A smartphone-enabled diabetes management system including an automated infusion pump and smart insulin pens, smart glucose meters and an app with analytics to recommend accurate insulin doses.

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A device that turns a smartphone into a clinical-grade otoscope.

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Rapid SOS

A third party service that connects users, internet of things devices and apps directly to Emergency services around American and the world.

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A mobile clinic and micro ambulance, created by a team of Doctors and technology experts to bring acute healthcare to rural India.

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An electric device that sits on top of an ordinary white cane. It can detect above knee and hanging obstacles.

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A quit smoking program that combines a smart device that monitors breath, a phone app and coaching.

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A drug recovery program that incorporates smartphone based testing, coach based recovery programs and peer support.

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A range of small breathalyzers that sync to smartphones, allowing people to instantly monitor alcohol levels.

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A respiratory management platform, consisting of smart devices that listen to people’s breathing, an app giving personal feedback and cloud software that uses big data and machine learning.

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A camera lens attachment for mobile phones, that assists with taking close-up photographs of skin moles.

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A global medical tech company that develops and manufactures a range of home monitoring devices and sensors.

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Ventech Life Systems

A portable ventilator that combines ventilation, oxygen, cough, suction and nebulization services in one device, and allows the users to switch between services.

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A low cost, portable ventilator that is designed for developing countries. It provides the functions of a normal ventilator, and can connect via Bluetooth, at a much lower cost than traditional ventilators.

ventilator, intensive care


A device designed for people on ventilators that simulates a normal cough, clearing phlegm from a patient’s airways.

Hospital Ventilator, intensive care

AgVa healthcare

A low cost and cost efficient ventilator, driven by a smartphone or smart tablet, syncs to the ventilator via bluetooth.

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A hand held and wireless ultrasound scanner. Clinical quality images, connects to IOS or Android smartphones and affordable.

Smart dental brace

A thin, soft optoelectronic dental brace that uses 3D printed materials, for a low-cost personalized smart dental brace.

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A company using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to improve diagnosis, practice management and the quality of suppliers in the dental industry.

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Beam Dental

A dental benefits company that combines smart toothbrushes with financial rewards for regular teeth brushing.

ECG, cardiology


Provides up to 14 days of uninterrupted monitoring using a small wearable cardiac device.

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A small handheld device that records a clinical grade ECG then syncs the results to a smartphone app.

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Vixiar medical

A hand-held device being developed, to assess cardiac filling pressures, in the home, physician’s offices, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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A wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter that syncs to a small device called CheckMe, that provides continuous oxygen saturation and pulse recording.