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Internet of things

Smart dental brace

A thin, soft optoelectronic dental brace that uses 3D printed materials, for a low-cost personalized smart dental brace.

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A company using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to improve diagnosis, practice management and the quality of suppliers in the dental industry.

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Beam Dental

A dental benefits company that combines smart toothbrushes with financial rewards for regular teeth brushing.

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Provides up to 14 days of uninterrupted monitoring using a small wearable cardiac device.

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A small handheld device that records a clinical grade ECG then syncs the results to a smartphone app.

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Vixiar medical

A hand-held device being developed, to assess cardiac filling pressures, in the home, physician’s offices, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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A wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter that syncs to a small device called CheckMe, that provides continuous oxygen saturation and pulse recording.

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A smart stethoscope that easily records and compare heart, lung and other body sounds.

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A smartphone attachment that allows you to hold a phone to someone’s chest, and it records heart sounds and cardiac rhythm.

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The Skeeper is a small hand held consumer device that monitors both fetal and maternal heart rates.

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Sentinel healthcare

Remote monitoring of hypertension. A wearable wrist based device that syncs to a smartphone app and keeps health teams up to date.

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A large company that produces smart wearable devices including watches that offer health tracking and wellness outcomes.

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Three home based, smart cardiac monitoring devices. A blood pressure monitor, smart scales and a small ECG monitor.

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A range of small wearable cardiac monitors called BodyGuardian that collect long term and continuous ECG monitoring.

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The company makes two devices to monitor cardiac health, a wearable cuff to monitor blood pressure and a small hand held device that can detect heart rate, oxygen saturation and pulse wave velocity.

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A small, wireless blood testing machine that checks PT and INR levels for people on anticoagulation medication like warfarin.

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A Software as a Service company offering allowing physicians to select the most appropriate home cardiac monitoring service (Holter, Event, or MCT) based on their patient’s symptoms, insurance coverage, and financial situation.

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iHealth Labs

A company that sells internet connected blood pressure monitors, weight scales, blood glucose monitors and thermometers.

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Cart by Skylabs

A chargeable ring that goes on the index finger and picks up abnormal cardiac rhythms like atrial fibrillation.

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Hello heart

A wireless FDA approved blood pressure monitor that syncs to a smartphone app, and offers a way to monitor chronic cardiac conditions.

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Omron healthcare

Several products including a wristwatch that monitors blood pressure and a ECG and blood pressure monitor for home use.

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A range of small cardiac monitors, software including cloud services and telemedicine.

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HD Medical

A smart stethoscope that records both an ECG and heart sounds, matches the data together and syncs to an app.

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A smart phone case that allows for a wide range of cardiac and respiratory testing.

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A range of smart watches, bracelet trackers, bathroom scales and apps at monitor health metrics.

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A smart, wireless stethoscope that allows other Doctors to listen to patients heart and lung sounds, the recording the auscultation and the ability to share the file easily with other clinicians.

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Eko core

A digital stethoscope that offers offers live streaming or remote consultations, amplification x 40 and active noise cancellation.

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An implantable monitor, home smart devices and cloud-based monitoring.

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A small device that can quickly capture a 2 lead ECG and heart sounds, and send information wirelessly to a smartphone app.

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Caretaker Medical

A range of devices including a wrist and finger monitor, to monitor continuous non invasive blood pressure, heart rate comparable to a 3 lead ECG,blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, core body temperature, end tidal Co2, cardiac output and stroke volume.

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An affordable, solid and mobile 12-lead ECG, oxygen sats and blood pressure monitor.


A smartwatch app that uses deep neural network technology to detect four medical conditions – Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Atrial Fibrillation, and Diabetes.

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Helping people manage chronic cardiac conditions from home.

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ECG monitoring using a smartphone and app.

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Cardio Sleep Solutions

Diagnosis and management tools for sleep apnea, targeting people who already have cardiac disease.

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Cardiac Insight

A small device that can be worn for seven days continously, small, light weight and water resistant.

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Cardiac Design Labs

A range of products to monitor ECG’s, include 3 and 12 lead ECG monitoring.

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A small, light, wearable device that can be attached over the sternum, to to capture an accurate ECG.

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Two products are available – Bioflux Cardiac Telemetry system that provides real-time remote data 24/7, for up to 30 consecutive days and Biocentrix, a smart wearable device that gives people medical-grade information about their heart’s performance.

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A smart way to effortlessly track systolic and diastolic blood pressure 24/7, using a simple wrist worn device.

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A company that produces a range of quality, health monitoring devices that record metrics and sync data to an app.


A smart sensor to monitor elderly people. It sits on the wall and continuously scans the home environment and will alert a nominated person if a fall occurs.


An established company, providing monitored assistive technology and alerts to vulnerable people living in their own homes.

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A bluetooth device that pairs with an app, offering a real-time safety service for vulnerable individuals.

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Sotera wireless

Monitoring of hospital patients. Provides non invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and fall monitoring.

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Real time location tracking, emergency calls and cloud based analytics technology.

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Non invasive monitoring of patients and residents, using the latest sensor and location determination technology.

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Technology products designed to help elderly people life a more engaged, independent life and ease caregiver stress.

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Pixie care

A smart incontinence pad and app that quickly checks for urinary tract infections.

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Philips Lifeline

A range of medical alerts, devices and monitoring tools, to keep people safe in their home as they age.