Product type: Clinic practice software

Bookings, pre appointment assessments, electronic health records, automation of basic tasks, patient engagement tools, patient follow up, patient risk analysis and payments.

medical app, smartphone app, doctor, digital health


A virtual scribe app for Doctors, allowing them to dictate notes about their patients on the go, that sync to medical records.

Listings, doctors


A cloud-based medical speech recognition service with specific products for all medical specialties.

Listings, clinic, medical paperwork


A health-system integrator that allows medical organisations to communicate electronically, across Australia and New Zealand.

medical records, doctor, general practice


A secure network for connecting up health professionals and allowing them to share their patients data in a modern easy to use format. This increases the accuracy of data and reduces the errors of paper based records.

check lists, assessments, care plans

Patient assistant tool

Pre screening questionnaire, nurse assessment checklists and medical care plans and summaries.