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Software as a Service

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A mobile dental service, that allows people to book an appointment via an app then receive a home dental visit.


A platform for cardiologists, helping them streamline care for their patients who have implantable cardiac devices (pacemakers).

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A Software as a Service company offering allowing physicians to select the most appropriate home cardiac monitoring service (Holter, Event, or MCT) based on their patient’s symptoms, insurance coverage, and financial situation.

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Uspide health

Ouchie is an app for patients suffering from chronic pain. It delivers targeted education, rewards for achievements and provides an active community offering online support.

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AC health app

A platform for physiotherapists and occupational therapists, that allows them to record their personalized instructions through video and other medium, to deliver the highest quality of remote care. Replacing stick figure drawings with high quality and informative multimedia.

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Hoy health

Helping minorities, immigrants, veterans and medically underserved with affordable and pay cash health services.

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Ride health

A company that partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers, to manage patient transport more effectively.

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Improving the ability for people to search for and find provider data, profiles, listings and reputation for private practices and hospitals, as well as providing online scheduling.

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A messaging system that helps aged care facilities manage staffing issues, remind residents and keep relatives up to date.

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Hospital software to coordinate patients facing discharge, to ensure they get the right post acute care services and reduce their risk of readmissions.

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A pro active voice first service, allowing relatives to stay in touch with elderly relatives. Customizable, easy to use and talks directly to users.

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Allowing elderly people to book an uber or lyft ride without a smart phone app. Instead they just call a phone number from their land line or old fashion mobile phone.

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A wide range of web based programs for home care service providers.

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A suit of apps for aged care providers that run on mobile devices.

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24/7 chronic care management for patients, offering apps, care plans, a file sharing and billing system.

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Care Innovations

This company aims to simplify home care management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology.

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Open Health

An evidence-based, tailored online comprehensive lifestyle change program, designed to tackle everything from high blood pressure to obesity and stress using peer support and personalised feedback.

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Surgical Partners

Software that rolls up the myriad practice management systems used by surgeries across Australia and New Zealand.

Siara Health

Surgeons can customise their patients pre theatre education, link it to best practice guidelines and gain their medical consent.

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Practice management software for allied health professionals. Features including calendars, invoicing, reports, case notes, letter writing and other add ons.

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Pharmacy software that allows pharmacies to store, retrieve and categorise paper pharmacy scripts, via the cloud.

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A company that provides secure electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) for health professionals, keeping medical information safe and accurate.

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A platform to improve patient engagement and experience in hospitals and clinics.

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Dispensary, networking and a national database monitoring the dispensing of drugs.

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eRx Script Exchange

A national ehealth script solution connected to 90% of Australian pharmacies, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

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CNS dose

Software that uses genetic information from patients to help guide more accurate drug dosing regimes.

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Online advice by development experts, about children’s behaviour, developmental learning or emotional skills.

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A secure platform for both aged care providers and their residents. It overcomes information silos and helps keep people connected.

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A care platform designed for acute neurology and stroke care services. It encompasses the entire patient journey within the hospital.

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A platform that allows hospitals to directly hire registered nurses looking for extra shifts, without without going through the expensive middlemen services – nursing agencies.

Personify care

Helping hospitals and surgical centres map their pre-admission and post-op patient pathways. Reducing manual processing and time-consuming phone calls.

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Roster software that is based around an ‘ideal’ staffing balance, rather than administrative concerns.

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NetHealth Data

A health management platform that aggregates data from personal devices into a central platform.

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Pen CS

A portfolio of population health solutions and clinical decision supports, that identify and address health risks. This can reduce costs, improve patient outcomes and make hospitals and nursing homes more productive.

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Medical Practice Management Software for General Practitioners, Allied Health and Specialist Doctors.

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Practice management software for General Practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals and accident and emergency clinics.

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An Australia-wide medical directory and eReferral delivery system, stored in the cloud and able to integrate with major practice management software.

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An innovative structure able to fit into modern shopping centers and allow Doctors to see patients in a high tech environment.

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For both health care providers and patients, cloud based clinical and practice management, online appointments, patient app and check in kiosk. Integrates with major medical practice software.

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Software that connects health providers to payment systems like Medicare and HICAPS, allowing them to easily raise claims.

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Medical Objects

Medical Objects Secure Messaging is a real-time, point to point technology that connects over 69,500 health professionals.

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Episoft Health

Hospital software that has specific packages for oncology, hepatitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and mental health services.

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Telstra Health

An Australian telecommunications company that owns a wide range of software products for hospitals, health services, pharmacy, aged and disability care sectors.

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Kalix is a telehealth, electronic medical records and practice management solution for Dietitians & Health Professionals.

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A practice management system for clinics and allied health professionals.

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An electronic decision support system to help guide health professionals through clinical guideline pathways.

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An online platform to deliver cardiac rehabilitation services. For people who live in regional areas.