Health startups

Public list of startup companies

This represents less than 5% of the health technology companies in the Wikihospitals database. 

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Aged care

online shopping, aged care, computers

Care Konnect

Residents, carers and families can post to a newsfeed, connected people can message each other.

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aged care technology, nursing homes


Home sensors and a central hub, able to monitoring elderly, frail people.

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Listings, women's health, period pain


A small implantable device that uses electrical signals, to trigger the bodies own biological response.

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respiratory, asthma, doctor

Atmo Tube

A small hand held device that measures air pollution, as well as atmosphere pressure, humidity and temperature.

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Alternative therapies

Listings, pharmacy, medications


A large online community and store promoting alternative treatments for wellness and especially for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and lyme disease.

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Listing, alternative therapies, massage


An online shop that sells a wide range of herbal, homeopathic treatments as well as general home and beauty products.

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Listings, ECG, EKG, cardiology


A smart phone attachment that allows people to take a medical grade ECG/EKG at home.

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smart watch, wearables, internet of things


A small wrist-worn device that over a 24 hour period captures the mean and arterial pulse pressure.

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dentist clinic


Intra-oral cameras and teledentistry making dentistry consumer focused, understandable and accessable.

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Dental clinic voice to text technology that picks out relevant words, and enters them into clinic notes.

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psoriasis wikimedia

Luma Therapeutics

A home treatment for localised psoriasis, using narrow band UV light to reduce inflammation, hydrojell to protect the skin and a phone app to control the dose.

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skin cancer, dermatology


Available on all operating systems and devices, dermatology clinic software that uses artificial intelligence to help diagnose a range of conditions.

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Blog, dietitians, obese man hamburger

IG Balloon

The world’s first swallowable stomach balloon device designed to provide low cost, safe, permanent, non-operative, weight loss assistance.

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Blog, Health Delivered meal planner mockup

Health Delivered

A platform that allows dietitians to connect directly with their customers, design meals, set calorie intakes, monitor progress and amend meals as required.

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Disability services

Listings, disability services


A small monitoring device that syncs with a smartphone, allowing parents to track children and keep them safe.

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Doctors resources

medical team, hospitals, doctors

iMedical Apps

Products divided by major specialty, specifically for use by Doctors, peer reviews and ratings available.

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doctors at work, artificial intelligence


An online platform for Australian and New Zealand doctors to securely connect, exchange ideas and earn free CPD points.

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Drug and alcohol

Blog, teenager, pensive

Pear Therapeutics

A digital therapeutics company dealing with addiction issues using science based strategies and technology products.

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Listings, group of teenagers, apps, smart phones

Marigold Health

Combining Artificial Intelligence and peer chat support groups, to help bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient services.

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Ear, nose and throat

conference, people, talking


Bringing deaf people back into group conversations, using smartphones, voice to text and AI technology.

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Listings, hearing aids


An attachment to a smartphone that easily turns it into a clinical-grade otoscope.

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Listings, Ambulance, Emergency

JKM Care solutions

Early warning signs of Emergency delays, real time information on bed occupancy rates and coordinated admissions and discharges.

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Listings, endocrinology, diabetes, blood glucose


Three devices, a continuous blood glucose monitor, a patch insulin pump and a hand held device that monitors the readings.

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diabetic child, endocrinology, insulin


Cloud based software that can record information about past history, diet and exercise, then help give predictive coaching about future blood glucose levels.

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Listings, baby, father, brazil man


Easy and affordable male fertility testing with at home sperm testing kits.

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Listing, pregnancy testing


Home testing for presence of fertility hormones and early pregnancy to ensure women are fully aware of their fertility cycle.

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Listings, abdomen pain, gastroenterology


A swallowable capsule, that can measure gases in the GUT. Cheap, small, non invasive and able to provide accurate data.

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Listings, colostomy bags, gastro

Alfred smart care system

A company making ‘smart’ ostomy bags that alerts the users when they need to be changed. They also offer peer support, telehealth and coaching.

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General practice

Listings, doctor, telemedicine, patient, hospital, clinic


A medical booking, payment and telehealth platform for Australians.

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Listings, chatbots

Babylon Health

Britain’s leading digital healthcare app that uses artificial  intelligence to triage, assess and refer people to the most appropriate medical service.

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Listings, genetics, DNA


A genetic testing company focusing on pre pregnancy testing and including the risk factors for a wide range of ethnic communities.

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blood tubes, butterfly needles, pathology


Designed to help hemophilia patients and medical teams log their infusions, record bleeds and track their activity.

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Listings, blood cells


An app to help people with hemophilia to manage their disease and record and share their symptoms.

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Home services


doctor, patient, clinic


An online platform that makes pre treatment medical consents easy to understand, user friendly, and compliant with the latest legal guidelines.

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bed ridden patient, hospital, nurse


A hospital communication systems that allows nurses to contact doctors about tasks that need to be completed and rates them according to urgency. Tasks can be forwarded on to another Doctor if necessary. Completed tasks are ticked off. This replaces the antiquated system of hospital pagers.

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Immunology, rheumatology

Listings, lab, research and development

Paragen Bio

An Australian biotechnology company developing drugs based on proteins from hookworms for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

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pharmacy, research


A biotech company focusing on using lipids to control inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

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Infectious diseases

Listing, bacteria


A new range of digital diagnostic products – home kits for families to test for influenza, hand held devices for Doctors to test for Flu A+B, RSV and Group A Strep, and mobile pathology kits for field workers to test for TB.

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Listings, fertility

Dr Safe Hands

Lab tests for sexually transmitted diseases, pre marriage tests, female clinics for periods, fertility, pregnancy and menopause, fertility testing for men, LGBTQUI and male specific clinics.

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Intensive care

Listings, iv pump, intensive care


A new ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) system that is transportable, more efficient and far cheaper than current systems. 

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Blog, obesity, dieticians


A boimpedance spectroscopy device that accurately and noninvasively measure a patient’s total body water, extracellular and intracellular fluid volumes. Useful for chronic disease management and patients undergoing complex treatments.

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Medical tourism

Listings, doctor, hospitals

Medical tourism association

A global non-profit association overseeing the medical tourism industry. They work with hospitals, insurers and governments to promote high quality standards.

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Men's health

Listings, dementia, aged care

Mr Perfect

A grassroots community, running BBQs in a wide range of locations across Australia. They focus on men’s health and mental health issues. 

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The PKG system

This wrist-worn device can help provide much better tracking and analytics of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease. The device continuously collects detailed information on precise movement changes, and produces a detailed report for the Doctor and patient.

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Listings, sleep, smart watch


Wearable devices that link to cloud based software, able to accurately diagnose and help manage a wide range of epilepsy conditions.

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cutlery, eating, food


A range of smart eating utensils, that sense jerky hand movements and counter balance, so that food does not spill.

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radiology, CT scan


Brain scanning that looks at cerebral blood flow. qSPECT (quantitative single-photon emission computed tomography) is a type of nuclear imaging test that uses a radioactive substance and a special camera, to create 3D pictures of the brain.

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Listings, 3D printing


3 D printing of bespoke surgical bone parts, for neurosurgical and cardiothoracic surgery.

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Nurses resources

Blog, nursing, aged care, hospital


Hospital software designed specifically for bedside nurses, to improve efficiency, reduce paperwork and free up nursing time for bedside patient care.

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Listings, hospitals, patients, nurses


Software that allows nurses to swap hospital shifts easily among their colleagues, reducing the need for external agency staff.

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pregnant, obstetrics,


A home Kegel exerciser system, to help women strengthen pelvic floor muscles and reduce incontinence post pregnancy.

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Listings, hospitals, theatre

Gauss surgical

An ipad app that estimates delivery room blood loss, for much more accurate assessment of patients risks and need for infusions.

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Listings, intravenous, chemotherapy


Comprehensive software that manages the clinical and administrative coordination of all aspects of a patient’s cancer care.

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Listings, oncology, chemotherapy

Predict breast

An online tool that helps patients and clinicians see how different treatments for early breast cancer might improve survival rates.

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Listings, smart watches

Dot watch

It offers time, date, alarm clock, timer and a stopwatch, sync with smartphone contacts list and vibrate with a friend calls.

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ophthalmology, eye exam

D Eye

Turning a smartphone into an ophthalmoscope, that can record and transmit high definition, medical grade images.

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Listings, wheelchair, hospitals, disability services


The surgery involves an implant being inserted into an amputee’s femur or tibia which, when integrated with the bone allows for a simple, quick, safe

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splint, orthopedics, sling


A coordinated rehabilitation system enabling bespoke splints and real time monitoring of patients progress.

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Pain management

back therapy, back pain, physiotherapy, spinal cord


Clinical trials are underway using electrical stimulation of nerves and feedback, to reduce chronic nerve pain.

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Listing, physiotherapy, back pain


A low-voltage electrical current is delivered through a specially designed needle to the fatty layer just below the surface of the skin close to the

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Palliative care

home care, aged care, nursing

Sensory Technologies

Home monitoring for palliative care and complex care patients, enabling hospital staff to stay in touch using technology.

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Listings, aged care

My values

A free service run by Barwon Health, allowing people to clarify their end of life wishes.

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bacteria, virus, cells, pathology


A fast, reliable image hosting website where pathologist can share their images, view those uploaded from around the world and learn from their peers.

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Blog, pathology blood tests


A small desktop device, small cartridges, a drop of blood and a smartphone app.

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Patient services

Blog, hospital, patient,


A platform offering a large range of health education for patients. This includes videos, patient and carer stories and educational programs.

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A personal companion style app that answer health related questions, and guide users down clinical pathways.

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Listings, hearing aids, ear nose and throat, deafness


A clinically proven app that enables children’s hearing to be checked in any quiet place, efficiently and reliably.

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Children, learning computers


A website for schools and clubs, that allows parents to fill out online consent forms and medical records, preventing risks from incorrect or lost paperwork.

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Listings, medications, pharmacy


A service saving Americans millions of dollars in pharmacy bills, by providing both a list and map of drug prices, searchable by brand name. It

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Listings, physiotherapy

Cliniq Apps

Analytics of medical records, identifying individual needs and automated communication tools to help delivered patient centered care.

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Blog, physiotherapy, smart devices


A complete patient engagement platform for both patients and physiotherapy clinics.

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dressing, wound, plastics, bandage


A customized nano-fibrous dressing, based on each patient’s individual wound condition.

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Blog, psychiatry man hallucinating


Collecting information from smart devices then analysing the sucess of treatments, to help improve mental health outcomes.

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Listings, psychology, psychiatry


Psychologists, accessable by face to face, phone call or video.

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Listings, dementia, aged care

Mr Perfect

A grassroots community, running BBQs in a wide range of locations across Australia. They focus on men’s health and mental health issues. 

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Listings, radiology

My Film Bag

A cloud based platform that allows people to upload, save, share and download their radiology scans.

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Listings, ultrasound

Think sono

Ultrasound diagnostics just using a probe and smartphone, backed by artificial intelligence based software to assist with diagnosis.

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dialysis, renal disease, kidney, haemodialysis


An app for people with chronic kidney disease to help them monitor their bloods, fluid intake, weight, dialysis and symptoms.

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Listings, pathology, blood tests


36% to 50% of dialysis grafts fail completely within the first year. VenoStent is a vein graft-supporting device made from a new class of shape-memory

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Research and development

Listings, stress, psychiatry,


Using objective data to aid in the early detection and treatment of mental health conditions.

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Listings, radiology

Project inner Eye

Artificial intelligence increasing the accuracy of radiology scans used in the staging and treatment of cancer.

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respiratory, asthma, doctor


Using the microphone in a smartphone and cloud based analytics, to help diagnose pneumonia, asthma, bronchiolitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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Listings, respiratory, lungs, asthma


A wearable patch monitors choughs and respiratory rate, the data is synced to a smartphone app then sent to a cloud portal, when it is

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Rural, remote

Blog, rural, indigenous


Designed by clinicians to serve rural and remote Australian communities, MMEx takes a patient-centric approach.

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Blog, aboriginal,

Indigenous telehealth

Telehealth specifically for indigenous people. Enabling people to stay in their communities while receiving medical consultations.

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Sleep clinic

Listings, sleep clinic

Sleep Cycle

It uses the recording ability of a smartphone to listen to your sleep patterns, analyze the results and display analytics.

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smart ring, smart devices, smartphone app

Oura Ring

This elegant ring measures temperature, heart rate, position, movement then syncs the data to an smartphone app.

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Blog, theater


An ipad app that estimates delivery room blood loss, for much more accurate assessment of patients risks and the need for infusions.

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surgeon, theater, hospitals,

Buddy Healthcare

Keeping patients in the loop, with pre surgery education, anaesthetics questionnaire and post surgery instructions.

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helicopter, emergency, trauma


A portable and wearable device, that will be able to measure the brain’s electrical activity, and sync the data to a smartphone app.

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rescue, trauma, sea, ocean, life raft,

U Safe

A self-propelled, remote-controlled floatation device that reaches a drowning person quickly, safely and under any conditions.

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urine test, urology, urinary tract infection


Order a testcard online, pull back the test strip, dip in urine, then photograph the results, using a smartphone camera.

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urinal, urology, urine, bladder


A device that measures urination in the toilet, syncs the results to a smartphone app and emails relevant health services.

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Listings, blood cells, pathology, stroke


Helping cardiologists selecting the correct size stents, for patients suffering from coronary heart blockage.

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fitness, meditation, health

Lark Health

A combination of artificial intelligence backed fitness coaching and integrated smart monitoring devices.

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fitness classes, wellness, gym


Access to nutritionists and fitness trainers, individualised fitness programs, tracking progress via an app.

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Women's health

breast feeding, baby, maternity


The first app dedicated to breastfeeding and maternity. It is free for mothers, available in Spanish and English and offers customised content.

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cancer women, oncology


Two smart devices and an app specifically for women’s issues. A silent, wearable breast pump to express milk at work, and a monitor to help

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Wound care

wound, ulcer, wound care, plastics

Swift Medical

Touchless 3D measurement of wounds, assessing size and depth. The data is synced to a smartphone then sent to cloud records.

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wound care, dressings, bleeding, nurse


A smart phone app that can photograph a wound, analyse it, upload the image to the cloud and help monitor the healing progress.

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