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An elegant looking smartwatch that also connects to a 24/7 home monitoring service.

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aged care, home care, apps, smart homes


A pro active voice first service, allowing relatives to stay in touch with elderly relatives. Customizable, easy to use and talks directly to users.

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Listings, pharmacy, medications, India

Life Circle

A subscription based home care service in India, offering both registered nurses and carers.

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Blog, nursing, aged care, hospital


A wireless and contact-free detection system, that can monitor movement, falls risks and cardiac rhythms.

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relatives visiting nursing homes, aged care, relatives


Smart technology for older people who want to stay at home and remain independent.

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Listings, psychiatric, mental health,


Promoting positive discussion around the issues and topics that affect the lives of Australian men. Dealing with change, fatherhood, mental health and social connections.

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Listings, pregnant, obstetrics


All in one fertility treatments, assessments, egg freezing, IVF, women’s health, supplements and apps.

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Listings, tablet, website, blog


CloudCare services that enable organizations to help the elderly remain independent using a phone, tablet or television.

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urine test, urology, urinary tract infection


A home or aged care facility urine testing kit, people dipstick the urine then use a smartphone camera to confirm the results.

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A network of specialist medical services set in a ‘village’. They were developed in conjunction with patients to maintain a community style environment.

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online education, aged care, computers, digital education


A suite of mobile devices and home monitoring services, that help older people live more independent lives.

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older man phone, aged care, apps


Allowing elderly people to book an uber or lyft ride without a smart phone app. Instead they just call a phone number from their land line or old fashion mobile phone.

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aged care, smart watch, internet of things, home monitoring


Wearable personal alerts like smart watches, to help elderly people stay safer in their own home.

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Listing, sleep, wakefit


Using a smart device under the mattress, a smartphone app and cloud data, this device helps manage issues like insomnia, wandering and sleep apnea.

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companion robots, home robot, artificial intelligence, aged care technology

Embodied Labs

Creating companion robots to revolutionize home care, by enhancing quality of life for individuals and families.

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Listing, brain, neurology,


Individuals brains are ‘mapped’, information is uploaded to a cloud database where the information is matched against a large pool of data, and an accurate assessment of brain current function is given.

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Listings, robot


Keeping elderly people engaged, up to date with schedules and able to communication with family and Doctors via video and phone calls.

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