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pharmacy, research


An artificial intelligence platform designed to speed up drug discovery, biomarker identification, research and development.

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playing games, apps, smart phones, gamification


An app allowing people in Russia to find Doctors, see patients reviews, book in for appointments and have telemedicine consultations.

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stroke rehabilitation, physiotherapy, robotics


ExoRehabilitation is a combination of physical exercise with the aid of exoskeletons and physiotherapy, to improve mobility and help people regain independence.

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Listings, genomics, cells, pathology, IVF


An AI-powered platform helping with the discovery and development of new drugs relating to the aging process.

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Listings, radiology

Third opinion

Artificial intelligence to provide more accurate diagnosis, closer monitoring and remote area care, at lower cost.

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Listings, theater, doctor, hospital

3D Bioprinting

Creating 3D printing technology that combined with bio ink, will soon be able to create artificial organs.

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radiology, diagnosis


A platform that can improve the time taken to assess radiology scans, using mathematical models and artificial intelligence.

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heart check, cardiology, patient, doctor, clinic


Telemonitoring for patients with treatment-resistant high blood pressure, heart failure and an abnormal heart rhythm.

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aged care playing scrabble, nursing homes, elders activities


Virtual home care products including alarms, front door key access and medication delivery devices.

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elderly technology, aged care, home technology, smart homes


Bringing telemedicine across a range of specialties to home care services.

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Listings, sleep clinic


A robot pillow that ‘breaths’ rhythmically, guiding users towards a better nights sleep.

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elderly woman, aged care, dementia, lonely


A small social robot that helps elderly people, by supporting everyday structure, giving reminders and playing music.

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Listings, doctors


A cloud-based medical speech recognition service with specific products for all medical specialties.

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indian doctor, general practitioner, surgeon


An all in one website, allowing people to search for and connect with a wide range of doctors online, book hospital appointments, order lab tests and see the results.

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Listings, analytics, big data, computers


A web application for patients to update their own personal health data. Algorithms then update nurses and carers about which patients have to be seen urgently and which are stable.

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health ipad app, smart devices, medical records


The patient app includes an artificial intelligence driven symptom checker, searchable content and online access to Doctors via telemedicine.

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Listings, clinic, medical paperwork


A health-system integrator that allows medical organisations to communicate electronically, across Australia and New Zealand.

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indian family, doctors clinic, pediatrics


Apps for both patients and Doctors. It offers people a personal health app to record their medical history and doctors an electronic health records system to book patient appointments.

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