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Listings, rural, remote

Brazil Telemedicine

A suit of mobile smart medical services inc telemedicine, labs and pharmacy, delivering medical care to remote areas of Brazil.

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Listings, indian mother

No waiting app

An online booking system, for patients to select and book medical appointments in hospitals, across India.

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Bisa app

An African telemedicine app, available in both the Ghanaian Twi language and French.

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Listings, research, pharmacy

Backpack Health

A platform offering electronic health records for individuals, and the chance to anonymously share health data with researchers, improving special diseases treatment options.

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check in kiosk, automatic check in, travel

Auto med systems

A kiosk and automated admission system, allowing patients to using self service for check ins, making payments and booking follow up appointments.

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Listings, smartphone, internet of things


App based appointment management and patient engagement software, for medical clinics.

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overseas travel, passport, globe, medical tourism

Air Doctor

An app matching overseas travellers with recommended general and specialist Doctors.

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medical app, smartphone app, doctor, digital health


On demand primary care, via a smartphone app. No appointments, no waiting, 24/7 service from qualified Doctors.

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Listings, clinic, medical paperwork


Home and online consultations, script renewal, specialist referrals, bulk billing where appropriate and online payments.

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medical exam, medical app, home exam, blood pressure, temperature


The device has a camera and thermometer, an otoscope adaptor, stethoscope adaptor, tongue depressor and app.

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oral exam, mouth, tongue, general practitioner, dentist

Throat scope

A reusable light handle slides onto a single use tongue depressor, allowing easy oral examinations in a clear light.

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medical apps, telemedicine, smartphones


Download the app, pay upfront and receive medical, psychiatric or wellness health services.

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Blog, medical bills


Billing errors are identified before the bill is submitted, the engine updates any new rules automatically, the approval process is secure, accurate and affordable.

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medical notes, doctors tools, electronic medical records, general practitioners,


Siri for medical dictation, an app that allows Doctors to dictate their notes and updates the information into Electronic Health Records systems.

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Listing, doctor, telemedicine

Steady MD

An internet based medical service, connecting patients to Doctors who share their own interests, then maintaining an ongoing relationship via subscription based medicine.

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social media, apps, smartphones


A secure platform that allows mobile phone based communication among both clinical staff and patients, services an be configured and automated to suit your needs.

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paraplegic, wheelchair, spinal cord injury,

Spinal singularity

A fully internal, wireless and smart, male urinary catheter, designed to overcome retention due to a neurogenic bladder.

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Listings, elearning, education, computers


A patient engagement platform designed to give people admitted to hospital clear information about their conditions and treatments, in visual and auditory format.

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Listings, education, app, smartphone

Sophris health

The chat style interface is faster to use than dictation and more accurate than voice to text scribes. An AI based platform keeps the work flow relevant and ensures documentation accurate and relevant.

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Listings, blockchain

Secure health chain

A group of medical doctors creating a blockchain solution, so that electronic health records can be accurately maintained and securely shared.

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doctor, general practice, medical clinic


An app that uses voice to text technology to help Doctors translate patient consultations into medical record notes.

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