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teleconferencing, doctors, medical consultation


Using an eConsult platform to allow same day insights from the best medical specialists in their field.

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voice to text, smart phone, dictation, virtual scribe

Robin Healthcare

Making the transcribing of medical notes easier and more accurate for Doctors, using cloud based technology.

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cardiology, chest pain, heart attack


Smart clothing that is connected to a cloud platform, able to continuously track, analyze vital signs and send alerts when necessary.

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A virtual clinic dedicated to women’s and family health issues.

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Luma health

A fluid, integrated clinic platform connecting patients and Doctors. Software includes scheduling, referral management, appointment reminders, care pathways, patient conversations, EHR integrations and analytics.

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LanternPay is an open cloud-based claim payment platform, designed to standardise claim payments across the health, care, disability, insurance and ageing sectors.

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An app that allows healthcare providers to securely communicate with their patients and with each other, with fluid conversations that use text and email. Forms can be uploaded, documents signed in a secure environment.

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Listings, indian children, school, pediatrics


A tech savvy, successful primary health care network spreading across rural, semi urban and urban India and giving people general, maternal, child, eye, telemedicine and pathology services.

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Cloud based medical clinic practice software – marketing, booking calendar, medical records and billing. All information available on mobile devices.

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Listings, global, world


A global clinic and electronic health records system, formally known as HealthKit.

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Listings, pathology, blood tests


A small, laptop size device that can assess multiple health parameters, from vital signs to 12 lead ECG and major blood tests.

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online shopping, aged care, computers

Health Union

A web platform that brings together online communities of people experiencing chronic health conditions, in a range of categories including primary care, immunology, oncology and neurodegenerative/genetic conditions.

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Listing, nurse, hospital, patient

Get well network

Digital navigation tools that help Doctors give a connected and seamless experience to patients, as they progress through treatments and recover.

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back therapy, back pain, physiotherapy, spinal cord

eClinical Works

Cloud based practice management software for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Services. Clinical documentation, practice management, population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management.

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Listings, ipad, apps

Dr Chrono

Cloud based medical practice software that runs on any mobile device, collaborates with Apple and allows full clinical documentation on iPhone or iPad.

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Listings, medical clinic, doctors stethoscope

Collaborate MD

A cloud based practice management and billing software for Doctors, focusing on getting claims accepted by medical insurers, reducing rejected claims and increasing payment cycle.

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Blog, nurse, doctor

Closed Loop Medicine

The Closed Loop approach integrates continuous patient feedback with prescribed medical regimens, to give more personalised care and ensure effective medical outcomes.

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business analytics big data

Clinic to Cloud

A cloud platform for both general practitioners, medical specialists and allied health staff, offering access by desktop and mobile devices, patient engagement and data security.

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Listing, pharmacy, medications, pregnancy

Best Practice

An established company selling a range of clinic software for General Practice, Specialties and Allied Health Services.

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Listings, patients, hospitals


A Physician-founded education platform, designed to actively engaging patients and caregivers in the Waiting Room and in their home.

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