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online conference, telemedicine


A platform for Americans to book and pay for video or phone medical appointments, zero co pay with most insurance plans.

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muslim mother and child, Indonesian woman, pediatrics


A large Indonesian site where people can ask a Doctor questions, buy medications, make a hospital appointment or book a medical appointment.

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Chinese doctor, general practitioner


China’s largest health internet resource connecting people to a large range of doctors, medical, pharmacy and health service.

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Listings, indian girl, village


A family Doctor to visit and diagnose common conditions, give first aid, do physical exams and administer health check ups.

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indian couple, smartphone apps, telemedicine


An Indian telemedicine service, allowing people to connect with general and specialist doctors using Video, Phone and Chat

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telemedicine, General practitioner, doctor


A leading telehealth provider across Malaysia, providing a one stop platform for a wide range of medical and health services.

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Listings, online shopping


Offering two solutions, patient booking software for Doctors clinics, and a platform to help patients find Doctors.

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Listings, doctor, hospitals


Using artificial intelligence and over 500 data points per Doctor, to match up patients and health professionals.

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hospital shifts, nursing rosters, emergency staff


A software company that is using chatbots to make patients journey through emergency departments less stressful.

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Ultraviolet light in hospital wards,

UVD Robots

A robot with ultra violet lights attached, that automatically cleans hospital areas in a safe and affordable manner.

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Ultraviolet light, hospital infections

Tru D

Killing dangerous hospital acquired infections, using ultraviolet light.

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ultraviolet light in hospitals, infection control

MUVi UV Cleaning

This company has developed ultraviolet light equipment that kills hospital infections in a safe and affordable manner.

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doctors at work, artificial intelligence


An app allowing people to manage their own health data and get personalized insights, while contributing to global research.

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Blog, chemotherapy, oncology

Oncotype IQ

A genomic test to predict a patient’s risk of recurrence and individual benefits from chemotherapy.

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Listings, genetics

Nebula genomics

Affordable whole genome sequencing, decoding 100% of individuals DNA and producing 10,000 more times data.

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intensive care, ventilator


A blood test that uses DNA sequencing to identify over 1,000 clinically relevant pathogens, bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi, and parasites.

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Listings, stress, psychiatry,


A genetic test to assess the effectiveness of psychotropic medications on individuals.

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