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bed ridden patient, hospital, nurse


A hospital communication systems that allows nurses to contact doctors about tasks that need to be completed and rates them according to urgency. Tasks can be forwarded on to another Doctor if necessary. Completed tasks are ticked off. This replaces the antiquated system of hospital pagers.

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blood tubes, butterfly needles, pathology


Designed to help hemophilia patients and medical teams log their infusions, record bleeds and track their activity.

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Listings, blood cells


An app to help people with hemophilia to manage their disease and record and share their symptoms.

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Listings, genetics, DNA


A genetic testing company focusing on pre pregnancy testing and including the risk factors for a wide range of ethnic communities.

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Listings, doctor, telemedicine, patient, hospital, clinic


A medical booking, payment and telehealth platform for Australians.

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Listings, chatbots

Babylon Health

Britain’s leading digital healthcare app that uses artificial  intelligence to triage, assess and refer people to the most appropriate medical service.

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Listings, abdomen pain, gastroenterology


A swallowable capsule, that can measure gases in the GUT. Cheap, small, non invasive and able to provide accurate data.

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Listings, colostomy bags, gastro

Alfred smart care system

A company making ‘smart’ ostomy bags that alerts the users when they need to be changed. They also offer peer support, telehealth and coaching.

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Listings, baby, father, brazil man


Easy and affordable male fertility testing with at home sperm testing kits.

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Listing, pregnancy testing


Home testing for presence of fertility hormones and early pregnancy to ensure women are fully aware of their fertility cycle.

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Listings, endocrinology, diabetes, blood glucose


Three devices, a continuous blood glucose monitor, a patch insulin pump and a hand held device that monitors the readings.

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diabetic child, endocrinology, insulin


Cloud based software that can record information about past history, diet and exercise, then help give predictive coaching about future blood glucose levels.

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Listings, Ambulance, Emergency

JKM Care solutions

Early warning signs of Emergency delays, real time information on bed occupancy rates and coordinated admissions and discharges.

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conference, people, talking


Bringing deaf people back into group conversations, using smartphones, voice to text and AI technology.

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Listings, hearing aids


An attachment to a smartphone that easily turns it into a clinical-grade otoscope.

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Blog, teenager, pensive

Pear Therapeutics

A digital therapeutics company dealing with addiction issues using science based strategies and technology products.

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Listings, group of teenagers, apps, smart phones

Marigold Health

Combining Artificial Intelligence and peer chat support groups, to help bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient services.

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