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doctors at work, artificial intelligence


This company develops state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software to analyze patient health, and help support healthcare personnel when triaging patients.

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call centre, medical centre, emergency calls


A cloud based solution that unifies the flow of emergency life-saving information (Voice & Data) into one unified platform.

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ambulance, transport, patients, hospitals

Lucid Technologies

A range of software products to improve the efficiency and safety of Emergency Medical Services and Fire Departments.

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Listings, indian girl, village


A mobile clinic and micro ambulance, created by a team of Doctors and technology experts to bring acute healthcare to rural India.

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rehabilitation, stroke, physiotherapy


A company that develops and builds customer-specific exoskeletons for walking assistance and rehabilitation.

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white cane, blind, ophthalmology


An electric device that sits on top of an ordinary white cane. It can detect above knee and hanging obstacles.

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man wheelchair, disability services


A chair-climbing robotic wheelchair, early orders are now being taken.

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robotic exoskeleton, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, physiotherapy


A wearable, robotic exoskeleton to help people to recover from spinal cord injuries.

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Listings, wheelchair, hospitals, disability services


A smaller, lighter and faster wheelchair, driven by body movement not by hands pushing the wheels.

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segway, mobility devices, disabilities

Matia Robotics

A small but powerful mobility platform that helps people with a spinal cord injury stand, sit and be transferred around their environment.

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Listings, children games computer


A home robot that has been designed by team of child development therapists, to help children with developmental problems. Created by the company Embodied.

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stroke rehabilitation, physiotherapy, robotics

Cyberdyne systems

A range of robotic exoskeletons that help rehabilitate people with spinal cord injuries, as well as prevent work back injuries by providing extra support.

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sports man, wellness, fitness, black man


An app that provides personalised mental training and support for both community sports performers and professional athletes.

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healthy food, dietitian


The app provides advice on healthy recipes, connects with the staff canteen to ensure healthy meals are served and provides a healthy shopping online shopping service.

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obese girl, dietitian, diabetes


A range of dietitian programs for people with specific needs. Combining apps with a multi team approach. Currently working with the NHS to manage chronic conditions in the community.

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health coach, dietitian, wellness, fitness

Second nature

A 12 week habit change program, that helps people lose weight by targeting their mindset rather than their weight.

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healthy food, dietitian


Helping people lose weight using scientific principles, analysing foods and tailoring programs to individual needs.

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Blog, obesity, dieticians


A behavioural change approach to health this company uses an app, artificial intelligence and personal coaching, to encourage weight loss and increased fitness.

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Listings, diet, food

Liva healthcare

Digital behaviour change programmes that include personal coaching, group support, goal tracking and education.

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supermarket shopping, diet, gastroenterology, dietitian, food


A family friendly program that combines health coaching with easy to understand nutritional plans.

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Blog, dietitians, obese man hamburger

Reboot with Joe

Helping people to reboot their life with a juice diet, aimed at losing weight, come off medications, reducing chronic disease and regain good health.

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