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Quality, up to date medical information about major diseases, sent to people who have registered an interest in learning more about their conditions.

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An app that gives patients a ‘live link’ to their medical records, giving them real-time information about past and present conditions, medications, test results and future appointments.

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A medical platform aggregator, bringing together information for patients, Doctors, labs and pharmacists across India.

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A leading online provider of general and medical health information for patients and health professionals in India.

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A platform that allows healthcare providers to keep families in the loop of their patients care. Families can receive regular updates of the patient’s progress, via messaging apps.

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A company that believes healthcare and community go hand in hand. They use custom software to keep everyone in touch, plan care in collaboration with families and work closely with local communities.

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This company partners with health insurers, nephrology clinics and primary care groups, to provide integrated care for people with kidney disease.

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A platform to allow Doctors to assess patients genomics and cancer diagnosis, and make the best decisions for treatments.

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A smart tablet that can replace the need for injections. It delivers the dose of medications when in the gastrointestinal tract, then the ‘pill’ container is dissolved, or excreted.

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A telepresence robot, that moves around any type of tablet, to maximise visibility of speakers.

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A mobile robot with a teleconferencing screen that provides connection and support to people in their homes.

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Nursing home software that offers residents a more consumer oriented way to access services, including news, scheduling appointments, maintenance, dining, transport and activities.

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A health technology platform that connects older people to a circle of family, carers, technology supports and Doctor.

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Medial early sign

Software that uses artificial intelligence to analyse large data sets, identify and prioritize people at high risk of health problems, enabling customers to focus on helping them.

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Medical technology service designed to service rural areas. Include a patient walk-in clinic equipped with diagnostic devices, rural clinics operated by trained technicians, outreach services and telemedicine consultations.

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patient education


A free app allowing patients to record their Doctors appointments, making it easier to understand medical jargon, their diagnosis and prescribed treatments.

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An online healthcare marketplace, allowing patients to compare prices and buy online.

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A virtual scribe app for Doctors, allowing them to dictate notes about their patients on the go, that sync to medical records.

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An app that connects patients and Doctors using a telemedicine portal. They manage bookings, payments and secure video conferencing.

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