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Do you run a small business, a local charity or other entity that needs some help with web design, marketing or business planning but can’t afford to pay a professional?

Then consider the Student Partnership Program which has been successfully bringing together final year students from Swinburne University and local entrepreneurs for over two years now.

Students get the opportunity solve real world problems for you while gaining much needed work experience themselves.

Projects are based around semester times as students complete the program as part of their final year studies.

The organisers of the Student Partnership Program are –

Gilbert Ravalli

Gil Ravalli Academic Coordinator at Swinburne University of Technology

Paul Calverley

Paul Calverley senior Agile Consultant 

Bambi Price


Bambi Price Co-Founder of Tron Systems, Student Partnerships and Senior Entrepreneurs

“Under the supervision of the Senior Entrepreneurs Group, the students listen to small business problems, devise a solution and deliver it within a set timeframe.”

To date the Student Partnerships have sourced 80 Capstone projects (practical applications of theoretical study) for Swinburne University.

This program has been so successful that Student Partnerships are also rolling out a pay-as-you-go version of the program in 2019 where participants will pay a hourly rate for final year students to work on more complex projects.

There will be two versions of the paid program.

  • Applicants can choose to be the supervisor of their own project (in a similar manner to hiring staff online)
  • Applications can elect to have a project manager to oversee the work, make sure the right students are hired and that work gets done on schedule

As an example –

Wikihospitals accessed assistance from the Students Partnership Program in the final semester of 2018 to ‘Devise a business plan
Create a marketing strategy’.

A number of meetings was held with the students in the beginning, to clarify Wikihospitals aims and objectives.

The students looked at –

    • Audience demographics
    • Competitors websites
    • A business plan


At the end of the semester the students all presented their work:-

A prototype were developed, to illustrate how Wikihospitals could best reach its goal of supporting health reform.

A business plan was put together, based on the mission, customer needs and appropriate funding models.

A marketing plan was designed which addressed  –

  • Health industry problems and the difficulties faced by new and innovative healthtech services
  • The many stakeholders across the health industry
  • How to implement short and long term goals

At the presentation, students discussed the problem they had been given to solve, how they undertook their research, and the conclusions they had reached about how best to solve Wikihospitals business and marketing problems.

As the founder of Wikihospitals, my experience of this program was entirely positive.

Both their presentation and printed documentation was as professional and detailed as anything I might have paid for.

I have since applied for the paid program in 2019 to construct a bespoke database to house the ever growing spreadsheet of digital health services.

Maybe you could benefit from this type of program.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Student Partnership Program just go to their website.

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